You can rely on Design Time for those Extra Special Finishing Touches for your Kitchen

Planning kitchen design is a skill and relies upon a combination of practicality and style. You may have a basic idea of your plan – where your kitchen appliances will go and what combination of cupboards and worktops you want but what if you want to go that little bit further and add a unique, bespoke style to your new and highly fashionable kitchen?
Design Time is an independent expert kitchen design specialist based in Nottingham, and we have the expertise and knowledge to turn even the most basic kitchen designs into something very special. Each of our kitchens is unique, and we use only the very best in bespoke furnishings. We will help you bring your kitchen plans to life in a way you could never imagine, and like all our satisfied clients, you are sure to be impressed with the results.
At Design Time we understand that the kitchen is a personal space, and that’s why we work closely with each individual client to help make sure your finished kitchen is exactly as you want. We are here to advise you on the best fittings to use, and we are passionate about beautiful, practical and unique kitchen designs. Take a look at the gallery on the website for some great ideas, or come to us with your own idea and we will work with you to turn it into reality.
As with many household fixtures the key to a truly impressive kitchen lies in the details; at Design Time we have a great choice of kitchen extras and we go the extra mile to ensure that the finishing touches make your kitchen one that your friends will admire. We understand the working environment needs to be as practical as it is beautiful, and we carefully plan everything from the placement of kitchen appliances to the space that remains around the room.
Whether you have an idea already formed in your mind or you are looking for inspiration Design Time can help, and we are more than happy to talk to you and offer ideas and advice of our own to improve on your basis idea. Why not get in touch with Design Time now, and start the wheels in motion to having a beautiful, bespoke kitchen? You can contact us on 01159 81 89 81 by telephone, or visit the website and send us your details via the enquiry form. Either way, one of the Design Time team will be more than happy to help make your dreams reality