Why we recommend Karndean Flooring – Our Comparative Review

Karndean Kitchen Flooring - Distressed Oak Kitchen Floor

Karndean Kitchen Flooring – Distressed Oak Kitchen Floor

Karndean kitchen flooring brings the ageless beauty of natural flooring to your home without the hassles with usually come with it. Floors with all the wondrous individuality of wood grain. The luminosity of marble and the subtle textures of limestone and slate. But all of this while being much easier to install or look after. You can create an even more individual looking floor by laying the flooring at different angles or patterns or choosing finishing touches like borders or inserts to create a more customized and personalised look.

Some of the Benefits of Karndean Kitchen Floors

Karndean kitchen flooring is even more popular today. It’s become something of a ‘trend’ among the people who are trying to redecorate their homes and kitchens. Lots of people want their homes to have a traditional look, but without  compromising on quality and ease of use or maintenance. These advantages normally only come with more modern materials which can be found in the current kitchen flooring market. It is relatively easy for you to create this effect through the use of a Karndean kitchen floor.

We always strive to offer all our customers the best and as many options as possible when it comes to choosing a quality kitchen floor for your next re-model or kitchen design. Karndean kitchen flooring is a reasonable and very affordable option to explore for you.

Karndean Kitchen Flooring - Champagne Oak

Karndean Kitchen Flooring – Champagne Oak

Easy Maintenance with Karndean Flooring

Many families, i.e. like slate or limestone kitchen flooring. There is many other types of fragile materials that you can choose from to create a beautiful or traditionally look for your kitchen.

For modern families it is important their kitchen floors are easy, fast and cheap to maintain. Obviously and ideally without having to compromise on the esthetics of how it will all look at the end. Karndean kitchen flooring have been designed to achieve preciously this end result. Karndean kitchen flooring can look just like they were made from slate, limestone or any other materials.

However, caring for them will be so much easier. These floors are particularly easy to maintain, in fact, for some people this often is the main reason to buy into this type of kitchen flooring.

Durable Karndean Kitchen Flooring

These kitchen floors have also been proven to last for a very long time. People in generally never see them develop any cracks or breaks. It’s also possible to replace individual tiles when updating to a Karndean kitchen flooring, This will help you to resolve issues with your current kitchen floors more easily. We always care about making sure that our customers get only excellent products. Customers usually won’t be taking any major risks when buying into a Karndean floor.

Assistance with the Installation. Maintenance and Repairs of your Karndean flooring

If your are planning a new home improvement project independently we can inform you that the  Design Time team is able to assist you with the installation. maintenance or selection of your newly chosen Karndean flooring. Unless you are a professional it is not recommended to install a Karndean floor yourself. If something happens to your floor, Design Time can assist, help and advice as to what or how the best repairs can be executed and planned.

Design Time provides full life cycle support on all installed Karndean floors. Most Karndean kitchen flooring reviews demonstrate that this is never much of a problem for any of our customers. However, it’s still something you should consider when deciding on your next kitchen floor type and style. Keep some of the advantages in mind when making your final decisions about which new floor to get.

Keeping these floors clean and stable should be easy. However, some cleaning methods won’t work as well on Karndean floors.

I.e. families who enjoy steam cleaning their floors will need to stop. All other forms of cleaning are suitable for a Karndean floor.

Karndean Kitchen Flooring - Guernsey Limestone Bathroom Floor

Karndean Kitchen Flooring – Guernsey Limestone Bathroom Floor

Only use cleaners that have a relatively neutral pH, as opposed to an acidic one. Then again, people should not use these sorts of cleaners on most floors. It’s a bad habit, and it’s one that people will no longer have to worry about when opting for a Karndean floor.

Karndean Floors are economically sound

It’s also true that Karndean floors are less expensive than many other types of floors. They still might be more expensive than some of our customers would like them to be. However, it should be noted that a Karndean floor is an investment. It’s possible to own a floor like this for decades to come without running into any issues.

Design Time offers a 35 Year market leading warranty which come with all our Karndean floor installations. Most people will feel that the initial costs is worth it if they are able to get a decent warranty with their deal.

For the families who prefer to have slate or limestone floors in spite of the amount of care involved.

We would like to emphasize that iconic floors like this will require much more care.

If you are considering ‘the real thing’ keep these in mind when comparing Kitchen Design ideas:

  • low maintenance
  • acoustic qualities
  • warm underfoot
  • waterproof
  • family and child friendly
  • more resistant to temperature and moisture changes, when compared to hardwood
  • no weight or maintenance issues when compare to stone flooring
  • can be used to cover under floor heating, where carpets cannot

For those of you whom just want to have floors that look like they’re made from these materials without having to cope with the demands associated with the materials themselves. Contact us, Design Time is one of the best Karndean floor installers in your local region.

People won’t be able to get absolutely everything that they envisaged, but with Karndean floors the offer is a lot more attractive and most can be met.

If you want to lean more about Karndean kitchen floors and their implementation. Or you just want some consultancy or advice regarding any of you home or kitchen floor repair and maintenance options. It’s always easy to get in contact with us over the phone.

You can also visit our website for more information on the installation or advantages of owning a Karndean kitchen floor before you make your final decision in your next kitchen design project.