Whatever your dream Kitchen looks like, we at Design Time can make your dream a reality.


Design Time Kitchens and Services
Kitchens are much more than just cooking and eating rooms in houses. In fact, they play an essential part in any residential or commercial establishment’s décor. From modern and contemporary designs to traditional accents, there are countless ways to spruce up or completely overhaul kitchens. With years of extensive industry experience, Design Time has the tools and expertise to accentuate and enhance any kitchen. From lighting and fixtures to wallpaper and appliances, we have the tools and expertise to add some life to your kitchen. With professional kitchen design from Design Time, we can truly put all your kitchen ideas into fruition.

Kitchen Design Experts
Design Time continues to receive stellar reviews from new and existing clients. Our services are also heralded for achieving desired results across the board. Whether for kitchen remodels or new builds – our extensive showcase gallery features a myriad of kitchen designs and styles. This includes lavish and elegant lighting systems, along with first-class cabinetry, wall mounts, countertops, and the latest in appliances. Our expert designers work with customers from start to finish – ensuring their needs are fully addressed and met in a timely manner. The Design Time team also offers a range of options for new and existing kitchen designs, including:
·         Seamlessly blending in appliances, components, and accessories that match new or existing kitchen décor.
·         Cabinetry with exquisite craftsmanship – handles, doors, knobs, and uniformity and consistency in design.
·         Lighting systems that illuminate your kitchen – adding depth and dimension – correlation with overall décor and style.
·         Appliances – refrigerators, blenders, mixers, and more – all designed to capture the true allure and essence of your kitchen’s design.
·         Tiling – floor-work – countertops – ranges – countless accessories available.

Nottingham Kitchen Professionals
When it comes to Nottingham kitchens, let the experts at Design Time take care of all your needs. Over the years, we have helped design numerous Nottingham kitchens for homes and businesses. Our talented team of designers, installers, and kitchen décor professionals understand all the latest trends and genres. This enables them to meet all your goals and aspirations, while effectively working within your budget. All it takes is one phone call or e-mail to secure a complimentary consultation. You can also visit our online store and gallery for an extensive range of kitchen designs, styles, and components.
For more information, visit our website below and let Design Time create a fully functional and modern kitchen that meets all your needs! http://www.designtime.co.uk/