Whatever space you have for a Bathroom, we have the Bathroom for you!


Designs are what bring the element of beauty in perception and it is in this wavelength that we at Design Time structure our services. We are arguably the most experienced and capable company as far as bathroom designs go. We offer our clients the chance to customize their bathroom according to their specification and thereafter perfect the concept with our quality outlook and experience in the industry. What distinguishes us from the rest is our ability to integrate different themes through combining and delivering a masterpiece.

Our ability to work with the varied specifications ensures we have the capacity to deliver on a varied set of bathroom ideas. As our client, we relieve the hassles associated with managing and planning for the bathroom space available. No matter the size and capacity of the space, we are well equipped and qualified to design the perfect bathroom that will satisfy and blend with the theme chosen. We structure our package to capitalize on space saving for the smaller bathrooms or enhanced larger features for bigger bathrooms.

Our unique service charter allows clients to have us set up both the design and installation of the bathrooms with ease. Our technical team is capable of handling both classic and contemporary designs which makes us the perfect company to approach for bathroom solutions. We normally aim at personalizing our service so that every client gets the chance to accommodate and contribute to the eventual design. With roper Rhodes and Villery & Boch among the Nottingham bathroom designs that are trending, you can rest assured that we will deliver on the same with ease.     

Our peerless status in providing bathroom designs and installations stems from our ability to structure cream of the crop customizations at a cost effective level which means we are affordable. This is what has ensured we stand out from the rest since anyone can approach us and be assured of a design that will suit the needs at hand. As far as designing bathrooms goes, we are top of the pile when it comes to service provision which is what our clients should count on when approaching us. We have laser focus in our systematic approach to designing and this is evident in the designs and installations that we have been able to handle thus far. Contacting us will be of great benefit and you can do so by visiting our site or you can also give us a call and we promise to deliver on our word of designing and installing a perfect bathroom for you http://www.designtime.co.uk/bathrooms/