Wash Away The Day ~ Well-Being in the Bathroom

Wash Away the Day: Well-being in the Bathroom

You deserve a warm candlelit bath after a hard day’s work at the office!

This month we focus on well-being in the bathroom. Unlike many spaces within the home, a well-designed bathroom can provide the dual functionality of being both a practical area and a sanctuary.

Well-Being in your bathroom is easy to achieve if you follow some of our recommendations and take on board some of our bathroom design advice or considerations.

You too could be escaping the pressures and demands of modern living and working. All you have to do is keep a few of our  bathroom design principles in mind when planning your next bathroom re-model.

We all love and enjoy the invigorating effects of a cool morning rainfall shower to wake up.

Or maybe, you are more the type which longs for a warm candlelit bath after a hard day’s work at the office?

Your bathroom can become a true haven. This will improve not just your health, but also your overall well-being and relaxation levels.

Before you plan to renovate your bathroom suite, it is advisable to consider aesthetic and practical options which can enhance your bathroom experience.

Wash Away the Day: Well-being in the Bathroom

A ‘cool’ morning rainfall shower it never fails to wake you up.

Bathroom Design Considerations ~ Improve Your ‘Well-Being’ in the Bathroom

Choosing how to design a bathroom space to support functional and relaxation needs is a very individual and personal process.

By designing your bathroom with both purposes in mind, you can enjoy a peaceful, working environment that allows you to recharge from a hard day at work.

This Month’s Focus ~ Bathroom Design, with a ‘Higher’ Well-Being and Practicality Value

  • Consider the colour of worktops and tiling. Choose colours which bring a sense of calm. Experiment with different shades and combinations to determine how they impact on the space and your mood.
  • A crisp, minimalist monochrome style can instill a sense of order, balance, and harmony.
  • Feel closer to nature by choosing wooden basin units, stone worktops, terracotta potted succulents and wicker baskets to contain most bathroom clutter.
  • Mess equals stress! Hidden storage units, floating glass shelves and concealed showers can help to de-clutter your bathroom space.  Encouraging peace, calm and clear thinking never fails.

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Here are some more Bathroom Design Recommendations for Well-Being

  • Maximise available space! Shelving below the sink and above the door can utilise overlooked bathroom space.
  • Choose a large bathroom mirror it can add the illusion of depth to a smaller bathroom space.
  • Install a bath and shower!
    • A cool morning shower improves the immune system, circulation and increases alertness.
    • A warm bath relaxes and soothes muscles that can tense up due to stress and anxiety build ups.
  • To maintain quiet respite, opt for a soft closing toilet.
  • Include a place for plants in your design!
    • Not only are plants aesthetically pleasing.
    • Plants also remove pollutants from the air your breath and help to establish a more serene and relaxing atmosphere.
  • A naturally lit room improves your overall mood.
    • For bathroom spaces with little or no natural light, consider reflective surfaces. m
    • Mirrored or lacquered finishes are recommended when you have no natural light sources in your bathroom.
  • A marble finish evokes a timeless and classic feel of a ‘luxury’ spa.

Design your bathroom space to ensure your day ends on a soothing and luxurious note.  You can create that healthier, relaxing alternative to a night on the tiles.

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