Villeroy and Boch Bathrooms are the last word in Luxury Bathrooms

Bathrooms tend to be a neglected part of the home in most instances.  At Design time, we recognise the fact that the fact that this small room within your house need a touch more care to make it more appealing.  The few minutes that you spend in here while taking a shower need to feel relaxing and that is why we have bathroom accessories and designs from Villeroy and Boch
Villeroy and Boch has been endlessly advancing its innovation culture making dream bathrooms into a reality.  Design Time offers a number of Villeroy and Boch bathroom products ranging from shower trays, to bathroom taps and furniture, toilets, baths as well as bathroom sinks.  They additionally have a number of bathroom designs to suit your individual bathroom needs. Some of their bathroom designs include large bathroom, walk-in bathroom, and guest bathroom, amongst others. They offer you with a number of inspirations including color schemes, bathroom trends, sauna, bath carpets and light.
At Design Time we offer you all you need to create your dream Villeroy and Boch bath space.  Whether you want a timelessly elegant, romantic or clear-cut bathroom design, we will certainly be able to assist. We additionally offer you a free design consultation so you can take advantage of our knowledge at no extra cost.  
Design Time take it as our responsibility to ensure that you have a clean and elegant bathroom.  The company has a large team of experts that will design and fit the accessories to make your dream bathroom come to life. To us it does not matter if you are renovating your existing bathroom or installing a new one – the end result is what is of more importance to us and we will put all their expertise towards achieving this.

To experience the class of our products and services, you can visit our Nottingham Bathroom Showroom. We showcase a selection of Villeroy and Boch products. You will also get help with selecting the best bathroom designs for your space whether small or large.  The experts will be glad to give you all the assistance that you may require.  For more information, you can visit our website