Top Trends for Kitchen Design this Season

Our kitchen design and installation specialists in Nottingham are eager to keep up to date with the latest interior design developments.
Contemporary kitchen design
If you’d like to redesign your kitchen and bring it into the 21st century, we’ve rounded up some of the top kitchen design trends for 2017, all of which can be incorporated easily into any home.

Painted Cabinets

Do you want to add a modern twist to your kitchen layout? If you would like to create a bespoke kitchen another key trend for this year is to paint your kitchen cabinets in pale colours. This effect is more appealing if you avoid grained woods as these are more problematic to paint. Remember, colours can vary depending on the light during the day and night, we recommend testing different areas of the kitchen with various tones.

Grey and Earthy Tones

Along with earthy tones, the use of grey undertones will be a timeless addition to your kitchen in 2017. The use of darker grey tones on cabinets and doors is becoming significantly popular this year and provides an alternative contrast that isn’t too dramatic. If you don’t like the idea of grey in your kitchen, you might want to consider other earthy colours such as olive green and aubergine.

Metal and Stone Elements

If you want to give your kitchen a modern industrial style, one of the easiest ways to do this in 2017 is to add features of non-porous metals into your kitchen design. Through combining dark metals into your kitchens such as chrome or polished black door handles, you can create a sleek contemporary kitchen. Many kitchens are still white or beige in colour and displaying a hint of black can build an element of high contrast and can refresh most kitchen units. Adding metal elements to your kitchen not only looks good but also creates robust surfaces that can be cleaned without difficulty. Some other ways to include metals in your kitchen might include copper appliances, seating, wire shelving, or metal cages for your light fixtures.
Another clear kitchen design trend that has continued to advance since 2016 is the use of quartz worktops. Previously the use of quartz was seen as a luxurious and expensive material, but more recently retailers are offering composite stone materials at a more reasonable price and are, therefore, an excellent idea if you are redesigning your kitchen this year. These stone materials are low maintenance and available in various finishes including stain and scratch resistance.

Farmhouse Sinks

Turn on that modern rustic charm with the installation of a farmhouse sink in your kitchen. These are another key kitchen design trend for 2017 and provide a deep space to wash and dry large kitchen utensils. The country style in kitchen design is another hot trend this year, and a farmhouse sink will help you to achieve this look. Fitting a farmhouse sink can create a beautiful country or old fashioned kitchen, but it does require a cabinet that is specially designed to go underneath which can make a renovation more expensive. You will also need to be careful when you are deciding what taps and faucet you get to accompany a farmhouse sink in your kitchen.

Hidden Appliances

Another significant kitchen design trend for 2017 is that kitchen designers currently prefer small appliances to be hidden away for example kettles and food processors. As a result, this is leading to high-quality kitchen storage solutions through the use of deep drawers and additional upper cabinets to hide objects discretely and to create clear worktops and the illusion of a larger kitchen.
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