Top 5 Latest Tiling Trends for Your Bathroom in 2019

Bathroom Tiling Trends for 2019 by Design Time Notthingham

You have wanted to remodel your bathroom for a while now and you are wondering what bathroom tiling trends to watch out for. You are unsure what is trendy and stylish. While you also like your new bathroom to be functional, smart and safe. Bathroom tiling trends tend to change every year. So you need to keep your eyes open for what will be hot in the coming year.

This article will give you a sneak peak, but you shouldn’t stop here. Keep exploring until you find something that fits your personal style and taste.

Gloss is out, matte is in

For the longest time now glossy bathroom tiling trends were everywhere. They have been the most commonly used bathroom tiling trend of the past decade. In the coming year, however, they are definitely out as bathroom designers seek to create a more soft and elegant look. This bathroom tiling trend comes with other advantages. These tiles are easier to keep clean than shiny tiles. Where shiny tiles tend to retain soap and water streaks. Matte tiles are an excellent way to keep busy bathrooms looking neat and minimalist.

Matte finishes can come in all sorts and colours so it is up to you to find one that you think will suit your bathroom.

Bathroom Tiling Trends

Neutral colours are still a safe way to go

In the coming year neutrally coloured tiles are going to be in. They include colours like cream, beige and grey.

You may wonder why not go for brighter colours especially if you want to create a themed bathroom. Keep in mind that brightly coloured tiles will have to be replaced sooner or later. If you want to create a colourful space you can use items that are cheaper and easier to replace, such as mats, mirror edges, cabinet handles and more.

A splash of bold

Yes, you can use neutral colours, but this doesn’t mean that your bathroom cannot use a splash of colour. You can have a few brightly coloured tiles that will bring out the intricate designs that are hidden in the neutral tiles.

Use subway tiles

What can be more boring than subway tiles. Aren’t they just drab and plain? We tend to disagree as they can be designed with your bathroom in mind. Today bathroom designers are combining subway tiles in all sorts of ways. This allows designers to come up with some of the best bathrooms designs that we have seen so far.

You can combine light and dark for maximum effect.

Geometry is in

If you hated geometry in school it is time you set your feelings aside. Let this bathroom tiling trend shine in your next bathroom design. Tiles in geometrical shapes are going to be big in the coming year. The great thing about this particular bathroom tiling trend is that you can play around with all sorts of shapes. In fact, there is nothing to stop you from playing around with different colours and different finishes to create a bathroom that is truly unique.

Wood floors

Bathroom Tiling Trebds - wooden floor example

Most bathrooms have tiled floors but for those who are keen to remain trendy. All this will change in the coming year. Wood floors in bathrooms are now in, and there are special kinds of wood that are formulated to hold up under any daily deluge.

You can choose wood floors in different designs, but make sure that you choose one that blends well with your chosen tiles.

If you can afford it buy marble

Marble is expensive, but the resulting finish is worth every penny. The great thing about it is that just like ordinary tiles you can play around with marble to create whatever designs you want. You can choose tiles in different colours and shapes and your bathroom will look just great.

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