Top 10 of New Kitchen Design Trends to Watch Out for in 2018 by Design Time

Kitchen Design Trends 2018 - Beautiful modern kitchen with integrated appliances design by Design Time

Kitchen design trends in 2018 continue to evolve at rapid rates. In fact, kitchens have become much more than just a ‘kitchen’ in 2018. Many current kitchen design trends are evolving in trends offering kitchen spaces which are more functional for the preparation of meals and accentuate creativity in cooking and design.

Kitchens are now – more than ever – a crucial element in the overall plan of design for your home or office.

From streamlined and geometric styles for modern kitchens to traditional styles, there are so many options to enhance yours.

Similarly, the advent of new technologies has resulted in “smart” kitchen design trends with centralised and automated appliances.

Whether looking for some creative inspiration or tired of your humdrum kitchen, Design Time recommends you keep a strong eye on the following Top 10 of kitchen design trends for 2018

We hope this top 10 will inspire you.

TOP 10 Kitchen Design Trends for 2018

1. Green Cabinetry

Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2018 - Green Cabinetry

Blue kitchens were all the rage in 2017. However, this year most kitchen design trends are seeing a return to natural green colours, shades and hues. Most of these kitchen design trends come with signature muddy undertones,   green cabinetry truly captures the allure and essence of Mother Nature, often also called ‘Gaia‘.

These kitchen design trends also tend to accentuate with brass fixtures and offer the perfect contrast or complement to soap stone, marble, quartz or granite counter tops.

2. Dark Counter Tops

If you want to replace or upgrade your counter tops, how about dark soapstone for your next kitchen design? With its soft and durable finish, these dark counter tops require little to no maintenance and have excellent anti bacterial traits.

Similarly, they are bacteria resistant and showcase subtle -yet vibrant styles for all types of modern or traditional kitchens.

3. Herringbone Flooring

Kitchen Design Trends in 2018 - Herringbone Wood Floor

Herringbone flooring continues to soar in global popularity. This is due to its European inspired kitchen design style. This style most often  comes along with soothing and smooth grey finishes. These flooring styles also make wood look more subtle, while enhancing your kitchen’s industrial steel doors and metallic accents and components.

4. Disappearing Hoods and Vents

In the past, kitchen vents and hoods would always be visible in most kitchen designs. However, they are now being seamlessly integrated into overall kitchen tiling and décor.

From subway tiles to oval, cubed or rectangular designs – there are many options available to clad the vents or hoods in your kitchens.

5. Stoves

Kitchen Design trends in 2018 - Range style oven with sleek cooker hoodAt, Design Time, we offer several ways to spruce up your kitchen’s style and décor. In fact, we can help you can enhance your cooking stove with fun colours and high-end accessories.

Don’t just settle for functional aspects of design. Allow yourself the freedom of more creativity and come check out our extensive showroom gallery for the latest in stove top cookware, design styles and themes.

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6. Vintage Rugs and Sectional Carpeting

Kitchens do not have to be relegated to just hardwood flooring or tiled surfaces. In fact, you can make a true design statement by including vintage rugs or even sectional carpeting. Whether for their soft textures or colours, Persian and Oriental rugs are designed in multiple patterns and colours to meet your all needs.

You can also mix and match if desired – or go for more geometric shapes securing a better ‘Art Deco‘ feel for your new or re-modelled kitchen.

7. Open and Airy Kitchen Design Trends

One of the more popular kitchen design trends this year comes in the form of the new ‘Open-Kitchen’ concept.

This concept utilises the “less is more” approach.  You can find cabinetry and appliances that seamlessly blend in with your new open and airy kitchen design at Design Time.

We also feature special window treatments.

More, Design Time, always tried to offer open shelving and all types of accessories to turn your next kitchen design into a work of art. This work of art comes with ample leg and storage room.

8. Metallic Accents

Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2018 - Metallic and Brass accents

Like glass and wood, metallic trims add true character to most types of kitchens designs.

In fact, they can enhance your appliances – allowing them to become decorative elements within your overall kitchen design theme.

Similarly, metal helps ensure a glistening shine that helps capture and reflect natural light and illuminates your new kitchen more all day long.

From metallic appliances to trims and edging, metal can turn your kitchen into a modern, contemporary room that is both stylish, trendy and full of natural light.

9. Two-Tone Cabinets

Two-tone cabinetry is another popular kitchen design trend in 2018.

With the combination of different materials. I.e. white cabinets with walnut-coloured drawers offer the perfect contrast and aesthetically-pleasing visuals. You can get even more creative with their many textures that always secure a feeling of warmth and cosiness.

10. Pantry Walls

Pantry walls are the perfect solution for walk-in pantries that are filled to the rims.

Try adding a splash of pale grey paint, which helps dark counters and cabinets stand out.

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