Top 10 of Bathroom Design Trends to Watch in 2018.

Bathroom Design Trends in 2018 - Top 10

There are several bathroom design trends in 2018 to keep a close eye on. In fact, upgrading your bathroom does not have to be a time-consuming and expensive endeavour. At Design Time, we showcase a myriad of bathroom design trends or styles. All are trendy and functional for any modern bathroom. This includes faucets that are uniform and consistent in design, along with light fixtures, accents, wallpaper and even drapery.

As always, Design Time, stays abreast of all the latest industry trends and developments. This enables us to help you secure a stylish, contemporary abode that is much more than a regular bathroom.

Here is our top 10 of new bathroom designs trends or styles that are soaring in popularity across the UK in 2018:

1. Black Matte Fixtures

Black matte fixtures are as elegant as they are functional. In fact, dark fixtures in matte finishes offer aesthetically-pleasing visuals and heritage appeal. They also offer the perfect contrast against white counter tops. Black matte fixtures effectively bring vibrancy and shine to brass and even copper accessories.

With black matte fixtures, you can spruce up your bathroom. It’s the perfect alternative to overused and saturated gold sets.

2. Wallpaper Bathroom Design Trends in 2018

At Design Time, we can effectively correlate your desired wallpaper with any bathroom style or design. From powder rooms to large bathrooms, abstract wallpaper is currently the winning bathroom design trend. This includes eye-catchy brushstrokes and water colours, along with fine art prints that truly make your bathrooms design glow and shine.

Wallpaper is no longer simply a final covering for walls – it is now a crucial design element that can beautify any bathroom, kitchen or room in your property.

3. Bold Sconces

Brass globe sconces offer great contrast against wall colours and graphic floors. These industrial fixtures are now more polished and design based than ever before.

With geometric and sculptural shapes, they can truly add a touch of class to your bathroom designs and themes.

Bathroom Design Trends 2018 - Drapery

4. Drapery

Window treatments can be enhanced with high-end or traditional drapery.  In fact, sheers – doubled with lush – offer the perfect floor-to-ceiling drapes for your bathroom. They also emit a feeling of softness, luxury and warmth for hard flooring surfaces like porcelain and marble.

5. Gallery Bathrooms

Artwork can truly propel your bathroom design to new heights. This includes high-end framing, along with white walls and themes that emulate art galleries.

Try adding a sculpture for a sophisticated, artistic and modern look. At Design Time, we feature the best gallery designs and accessories for any streamlined – modern – contemporary bathroom.

6. Mixed Tiling

Bathroom Design Trends 2018 = Mixed Tiling

Mixed tiling for bathrooms is all the rage in 2018. In fact, you can easily mix colored blocked tiles with low-key colors and accents.

White or black tiling designs work great in bathrooms with vibrant red and magenta colours. Whether in penny round, honeycomb or traditional square – rectangular designs, tiling must seamlessly blend in with your overall bathroom style, theme and decor.

7. Free-standing Furniture Sets and Accessories

Free-standing furniture sets – such as armoires or cabinets – add true charm to any traditional or contemporary bathroom.

In fact, these stand-alone units are perfect for storing towels, baskets, and even pottery or bathroom vanity sets.

Wood still seems to be the preferred choice, however, you can add metallic units if desired as well.

8. Floral Arrangements

Lavish and elegant floral arrangements always work great in any bathroom.

In fact, a bouquet of blossoms enhances the look and décor of your bathroom and vanities.

They also help emit natural light, while offering a summer look and feel for optimal warmth.

9. Mill work

Mill work and medium-tone wood grains offer the perfect warmth for any bathroom. Whether as tub surrounds or standalone cabinets, everything goes great with wood and glass.

10. Cocktail Tables

Petite cocktail tables – accentuated with metal – offer a streamlined and centralized appearance for modern, contemporary bathrooms. While Rustic Japanese and African stools are still popular, you can truly add some new styles and designs to secure a Hollywood-ques style and design.

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