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Re-modelling your bathroom may not seem like such a big deal until you get started. Lots of homeowners assume that it will only take a bit of planning, a bit of money and a bit of time and hey presto! The bathroom of their dreams will appear. Often it requires more than that. If you want your re-model to go according to plan you should take your time and come up with a proper bathroom re-model plan of action and this will involve making many choices. Design Time has compiled a top 10 of bathroom design principles and advice which can help you in this process. We have listed the top 10 you should consider during your next re-model of your bathroom.

Design Time’s Top 10 Bathroom Design Principles & Tips or Advice

  1. Find proper storage solutions for the re-modelling period. Your current bathroom already has plenty of stuff in it and during the re-model all these things will have to go somewhere. Unless you have another empty bathroom in your home or an empty room you will end up dumping everything somewhere where it doesn’t belong. You can make things easy for yourself if you rent some self storage space locally. These decommissioned shipping container can help you solve the dilemma of storage during any re-modelling period. They don’t cost much if you are not planning to use them in the long term, and your items will be safe for the duration of your re-model. You should look for a self storage facility that prides itself on security and that has weatherproof containers, we recommend a company like Boylin’s Self Store.
  2. Make sure that you clean everything before you put it in storage. Some of the things in your bathroom have been there for years and in that time they have acquired several layers of dirt. When you bring everything  back into your new bathroom you want it to look great so make sure that everything you keep in storage is properly cleaned. Get rid of any items that you don’t use as they will only end up cluttering your new re-model.
  3. Look around, shop around for new design trends and bathroom design ideas and solutions. Investigate any new smart technology which can enhance your typical lifestyle. You can visit showrooms to get a better understanding of what is on offer by many brands and bathroom manufacturers. Don’t forget to look at things such as new and upcoming tiling trends. This will get your muses doing overtime which is good when contemplating any re-model. Everybody’s expectations and lifestyle choices will be different demanding creative solutions aimed at increasing your wellness and lifestyle. If you have any ideas for your dream bathroom discuss them with your bathroom re-modelling contractor to see if they can be included and fall within budget.

    Bathroom Design Principles - Human factors drawing

    An example of how to consider ‘Human Factors’ and ergonomics when planning a bathroom or kitchen. Similar rules apply for both. Aim for optimal comfort, ease of movement, access and even consider the requirements of disabled people.

  4. Create an efficient and ergonomic bathroom floor and 3D plan for your bathroom space. This is of utmost importance as it will guarantee your bathroom’s space will be utilised optimally. You want to create a bathroom that is not just beautiful but at the same time practical and ergonomically sound. This will increase the wellness effects it has on your entire family, friends and guests. If you consider all the ‘Human Factors’ during the design process you can guarantee the outcome of your next bathroom re-model to be front loaded with all the new wellness bathroom design principles. Each bathroom space is different and comes with different design challenges and requirements. But, all should aim for an end result that provides maximum comfort, efficiency, ease of use and movement and even considers your water & carbon foot prints.
  5. Create a budget and stick to it. Planning and research will prevent a go around in the re-modelling process, which can only increase wasted resources and money when the brief keeps changing and you incur extra cost to allow you to change your mind. This is why it shouldn’t surprise you if you go over budget when omitting this crucial step in the process. Your sing off on ‘the plan’ should be the start of a well timed and executed plan of action. Many homeowners forget this. When it comes to bathroom re-models going over budget it a very common mistake to make. It is also advised you set a maximum limit as to what you are willing to spend. So, even before you come up with any bathroom design ideas you should decide how much you can comfortably afford or spend on it, along with a contingency amount of about 10%. This ensure you have some more freedom as problems can never be excluded or anticipated. Talk the figures over with your bathroom re-modelling contractor and use their advice to adjust or even improve the budget without .
  6. Think about storage. It is important to have a clutter-free bathroom and the only way that will happen is if you have plenty of storage in your bathroom. There are new and innovate technical solutions on the market today. Do your research online if you are facing a challenge achieving ample storage. Consult your local bathroom designers for solutions.

    Bathroom Design Principles - Innovative storage corner

    A hidden smart storage solution for a corner.

  7. Choose the optimal flooring and tiling. It is very important aspect in all bathroom re-models.You should choose a type of flooring and or tiling that matches with the overall decor and mood you are aiming to achieve. Ensure they are  easy to clean, long lasting and can withstand water. There are many options available in the market, but you must check and double check durability. Make sure to choose textured flooring to minimise the risk of falls.
  8. Plan for any special needs your family may have, especially if you have a young family or an elderly person living in the home. If, for example, you have small children you may want to think about your bathtub choices. Ensure all special needs are met for young and old. This helps ensure maximum wellness for all, and this could include frequent guests requirements. You family’s lifestyle and hygiene will improve if all find it ‘nice’ to use your bathroom. If your family includes an elderly person you may want to think about adding elements such as railings. This will ensure ease of movement and more independence and freedom for the elderly in your family.
  9. While planning your re-model you should also think about how your plan to heat the bathroom and regulate humidity levels and condensation or even air flow. If i.e you opt to install floor heating make sure that you choose a flooring type that is suitable for it.
  10. Ensure you install proper lighting. The window should let in enough light during the day but should face away from prying eyes or public foot falls. Have lighting installed in such a way that you account for all human factors without breaking the mood you aimed for. Consider sky lights to allow in more daylight.

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Who should Re-model Your Bathroom?

Coming up with a the right lifestyle & wellness bathroom design principle is all well and good, but you will not get the bathroom you are looking for if you cannot find the right company to install it. Some homeowners assume that they can do bathroom re-models themselves only to be surprised when it doesn’t work out as planned. A DIY bathroom re-model is a huge and complicated task to undertake for anyone. We would argue your success rate will increase and your budget will go further if you commission it to us, Design Time Ltd from Nottingham, we are your local market leader. Why not got the ball rolling and contact us on 0115 981 89 81 for a free consultation or visit our showroom in Nottingham or even our showrooms online walk-through here.

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We can work with most budgets small and large. Bathroom re-models should only be undertaken by those who have the proven experience. Even then, it might still be important to get one or two people to help you out. Plan for it in your budget and compare prices and services offered.

The best thing to do is always is to find the assistance of a reputable bathroom designer and contractor in Nottingham to help you with your next re-model. Aim for the best, with bags of experience. Visit their showrooms, ask to see photos of bathrooms that they have done in the past. Maybe, even ask them to provide you with references. This will help you decide which contractor to trust and guarantee a superb quality of service as we have come to provide to so many in your local community.