Tips & Tricks for Re-modelling Your Kitchen by Design Time

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Are you frustrated and fed up with your boring and ineffective kitchen design? Are you considering to re-model your kitchen? If so, keep on reading you are in for treat as now it is:

“Thyme” to Spice up Your Kitchen with Design Time!

We know that redesigning your kitchen can often feel daunting?

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FAQ when Re-Modelling Your Kitchen:

  • Where do I begin?
  • What is crucial for me to consider?
  • What style and layout should I choose?
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Still looking for helpful kitchen design advice?

Here are our Top Tips & Tricks to Give You a starting point for Your Kitchen Design:

  • Choose your appliances first.
    • Then structure your space around them.
    • Ensure you choose décor and design elements that will compliment your appliances.
    • Do not obscure your appliances but enhance them.
  • Make sure your utilise every ounce of space available in order to make your kitchen efficient and effective in terms of space management.
  • Keep your work triangle (the sink, stove and fridge – the main appliances of your kitchen) spacious and free.
    • In order to reduce family traffic and thus stress in your kitchen.
    • The heart of your home should be a stress free place for your family to unwind and bond while cooking and eating together.
    • Make sure your kitchen is a roomy and relaxed space rather than cramped and agitated area.
  • Always bear your budget in mind.
    • Create a must-have list and a wish-list, then total up the price of both lists and compare them.
    • This will help you to decide on what you want to spend the majority of money on.
    • This helps when deciding what is essential to your design and what is superfluous.
  • Carefully contemplate the layout you want (is it open plan, L-shaped or u-shaped?)
  • Choose a style that suits you (contemporary, traditional, ornate, rustic, sleek or simple?)

Design Time, a Nottingham based design consultancy, can help you with these design decisions.

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We employ a skilled team of top specialists in kitchen design as well as master craftsmen in order to provide a professional service throughout the re-modelling process of your kitchen.

From concept to completion, we will be with you every step of the way.

We will organise the full project, including design, building work, plumbing and decorating as well as providing and installing all your crucial kitchen elements such as: cabinets, worktops and appliances, all for the cost effective price of £7995.00.

Moreover, our extensive catalogue of kitchen designs will be sure to cater to your budget and style.

We, at Design Time are dedicated to delivering your kitchen dreams and desires.

You deserve a Kitchen that Suits and Serves Your Needs and Lifestyle.

Don’t Delay Start designing Your Dream Kitchen Today!

For further information, consultancy and design inspiration and tips visit: or our Nottingham showroom at 1a Mabel Grove, West Bridgford, Nottingham NG2 5GT.