The Latest Bathroom Just For You

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a bespoke bathroom for your Nottingham property or whether you already have an idea as to what type of bathroom you would like, Design Time has you covered. With years of experience installing beautiful and functional Nottingham bathrooms, Design Time produce exquisite designs that are installed to last.
You can search through the different options available on our website and create a Project Moodboard to save design features that you like. Once you have decided on the design features, our experienced bathroom designers will create 3D drawings to help you visualise your new bathroom.
We understand that most people want their bathroom to be unique and fit their own particular tastes and needs. Whether tiled or wooden flooring, modern wet room or traditional design bathroom, our designers will help you plan your space from the outset. Some people might prefer a bathtub to come right out of the wall, while others might prefer for the tub to be a standalone in the middle of the floor. Some people have more limited area space for their bathroom due to being in a high rise apartment, while others might have more room due to being in a one floor house with a lot of land and surface area. Generally speaking, no two bathrooms are going to be exactly the same.
Design Time are accredited installers of Roper Rhodes Bathrooms and Villeroy and Boch Bathrooms with several examples available on display in our Showroom.
Getting Your Personal Design Today

Regardless of what you want individually, Design Time is sure to have it. Visit the Design Time website today to get started getting your perfect bathroom. Call the listed phone number and an agent will be excited to get your call and get started finding the design elements that work the best for you n your specific case.