The Heart of your home – your Kitchen.

Design Time is often associated with the “hand painted kitchen”. This style of kitchen was introduced in the 1970s and is still regularly commissioned. Despite this, we have never stood still, continually designing landmark ranges from our Sheffield kitchen outlet to even include our highly contemporary kitchen range.

What all the collections share is our dedication to the craft of handmade, bespoke kitchen furniture and the sheer luxury and pleasure of having a room built to your specific requirements right down to the very last detail.

You might come to us with just an acorn of an idea of how you want your kitchen to be. We’ll take your idea and help it develop into reality. Our experience enables us to offer you an almost infinite array of options and the following pages showcase just a selection of the wonderful bespoke kitchens we have created.

But there really are no limits. Simply bring us your list of ideas (however long or short), and we’ll nurture them into something rather wonderful at the very heart of your home.

At Design Time, we strive to produce affordable luxury without limits. We do this by offering our customers a wide variety of quality materials and finishes.
Extraordinary combination of contemporary and traditional furniture to create truly stunning results.
‘Cabinets’ – Our cabinets are made from 18mm Melamine Faced Chipboard. This is our entry level standard. You can, of course, upgrade to medium density fiberboard, veneered plywood or solid wood cabinets. Our cabinets have been especially designed to support the weight of the heaviest of worktops such as granite and marble.

‘Cabinet frames’ – Our cabinet frames are made from solid tulip timber, adding to the structural strength of the furniture and reducing the possibility of the frame splitting around hinge stress points. Medium density fiberboard is used for painted commissions as this material is rigid and durable which prevents the paint from cracking or flaking.

‘Hinges’ – We use the highest quality hinges since they are in constant use and take a lot of strain. We use a traditional butt hinge as standard, recessed into the door to offer additional support. You can, of course, choose the hinges that you feel most suit the style and look of your bespoke kitchen.

‘Drawer boxes’ – Our Drawer boxes are made from 15mm pine with an oak stain. They are dovetail jointed and feature a solid 9mm plywood base to easily cope with heavy contents.