Roper Rhodes Bathrooms from Design Time

Classic, elegant, stylish and organic – these are words that spring to mind when trying to describe a Roper Rhodes bathroom. We have over 30 years experience in the bathroom design industry and you will find that experience has produced great results. We are more than just a company that designs bathrooms and installs them. Of course we will take into account the space available, the needs of the client and their budget. All of these are highly important factors in designing any bathroom and making sure it fits the customers specifications. But there is more to bathroom design than simply knowing where the sink should fit and if the shower doors gel ergonomically with the space. A bathroom is almost a room of daily ritual. To cleanse, get ready for the day or to wind down, all of these are significant parts of the day for everyone and we at Design Time Bathrooms, Nottingham take that part of anyone’s day seriously. We focus specifically on bathroom design and are a competitive company in the market.
You may think that because we are bathroom “designers” we come with a hefty price tag. This is not true at all. We can go through the whole process with you from the design stage to the installation stage or we can provide a supply only service in which we just deliver the elements you require for your bathroom design. Either way, you can rest assured that you are getting the best quality in bathroom fittings. There is budget adaptability but quality is never compromised on. Incorporating this bathroom design by Roper Rhodes into your home is fairly easy. There are a range of styles to choose from and you are not limited to being totally modern or very ornate and antique, In fact the one design element of bathroom design that we offer at Design Time bathrooms is that we create fuss-free bathrooms. Our design styles are organic and can be seen to shape the space and texture of the bathroom.

Bathroom design by Design Time is not something that can be overlooked easily. Our designs are sure to add value to your home and lifestyle. For more information come by our Nottingham bathroom showroom or look at the website  You are sure to find all the bathroom design inspiration you could want and more..