Bathroom Design Advice – Unsure which Bathroom will Suit Your Home?

Are you planning a new bathroom or revamp? In this article we will discuss how you can streamline the entire process of designing your perfect washroom. We bring FREE bathroom design advice and ideas. More, we currently also offer FREE bathroom design consultancy to get you going, simply contact us on 0115 981 89 81 to book yours.

Bathrooms come in all shapes and sizes, as do their budgets. Whether you’re putting together an en suite from scratch or revamping a smaller wet room, the most important thing to think about first and foremost is. Who will use the bathroom and how, as this all will affect how you will have to design it so it fulfills all your requirements after the revamp concludes.

Planning a new bathroom without consideration for the actual users and their needs does not make much sense. We tend to also consider all human factors. They become even more important if you need to make reservations for elderly and i.e. disabled people in your family or life style.

We are sure the questions to ask listed below will lead to a much better understanding of your family’s requirements. It will help you understand better what is needed in your case. Do not skip this phase when considering to revamp any bathroom. Our bathroom design advice always includes this first step during which we analyse your family’s needs.

Begin by working out your key priorities. A family bathroom or spa-style sanctuary will require a long list of specifications and fittings that could include things such as a bath, separate shower, double basins, and heaps of storage, while an en-suite or guest bathroom may just require a shower and loo.

Bathroom Design Advice - Ask yourself when and how you will use your bathroom

Here is a list of Key Questions to consider when you start thinking about revamping your bathroom:

  • Is it a family bathroom? If so, you’ll probably want to factor in lots of storage space.
  • Do you always shower and rarely bathe? Consider a standalone shower or wet room instead of installing a bath you won’t use.
  • If you like baths and showers, a bath with a shower gives you a flexible option which offers both optons.
  • Is space at a premium? Think about how you could incorporate storage cupboards in or on the walls rather than your floor – maybe above the bath or even built in underneath.
  • Do you want to use your bathroom to relax in? Consider getting a freestanding bath for a luxurious feel, and having somewhere close by to store candles and magazines.
  • Are you a couple sharing the bathroom? How about getting two basins to make getting ready in the morning less chaotic?
  • If someone will be using it to do make-up or dress in, then you’ll want to make sure there is plenty of light and a decent-sized mirror.

Asking yourself these questions will help you refine the little changes to make or elements to incorporate that will make a lot of difference to your bathroom and your enjoyment of it.

Now we got this first hurdle out of the way. You can start considering the more design related aspects of your revamp.

Bathroom Design Advice – Critical Steps to Consider

  1. Assess your bathroom requirements
  2. Plan a bathroom layout (discussed in more detail below)
  3. Seek out inspiration
    Choose your style early on as this will help narrow down the choice of fittings to consider. Hotels, particularly small boutique ones, are a fabulous source of design inspiration, so scour their websites for looks you love. Quite often they’ll feature a lot packed into a compact space, so you’ll probably pick out a few layout tips, too.
  4. Be realistic about your space
    There’s no point pining for his-and-her sinks, a statement walk-in shower or a double-ended roll top if they won’t fit.
  5. Remember, ventilation is important
  6. Factor in storage
  7. Consider your lighting options
  8. Tiles are the easiest way to follow trends
  9. Finalise a budget
  10. Decide what level of after care and service you will need ( discussed in more detail below)
  11. Organise your tradesmen
  12. Survive the revamp

Bathroom Design Layouts

Bathroom desing advice - layouts

Ask yourself what type and style of space you hope to achieve.Are you seeking a haven to escape to, or are you more of an invigorate-and-energise kind of person?

This will affect the fixtures, fittings and colour scheme you will choose.

Designer Hayley Tarrington said:<

“Forget about how you currently use your bathroom, and instead imagine how you would like to use it.
Draw on your experiences when you’ve visited great spas, for example, and visualize how you would like your new scheme to function.”

Read on below for more advice on how to update your bathroom with ideas from Design Time.

We also included a section explaining how to update your bathroom when you are on a budget.

Luxury Bathrooms Design Ideas

Luxury Bathrooms Design Ideas

The bathroom is generally one of the smallest spaces in the house, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be luxurious, even on a budget. Small touches, such as expensive-looking tiles or taps, will have more impact in a small space and won’t be too costly. For more inspiration, we recommend a visit to our showroom in Nottingham. We demonstrate all kinds of innovative design ideas for bathrooms and kitchens alike that can add a touch of luxury to any bathroom or kitchen.

Bathroom Flooring and Bathroom Tiling Ideas

“You can use pretty much anything for your bathroom floor as long as it’s waterproof and won’t get too slippery when wet.”

These days, most family’s tend to choose:

  • tiles – Marble or granite looks good
  • sheeted or tiled vinyl – A sensible option if you’re on a budget
  • wood-effect laminate

It’s also possible to have a hardwood floor, but you’ll need to treat it and make sure you don’t leave it wet.

For an ultra-modern and very practical effect, you could even use concrete.

Bathroom Flooring and Bathroom Tiling Ideas

Bathroom Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating adds comfort. It also helps to dry the bathroom, and prevents damp and mould from forming.

If you’re considering underfloor heating, contact us to get an idea of the costs involved.

Bathroom Wall Tiling

As well as possibly using tiles for your floor, you’ll need to use tiles on the walls around the shower or bath, which should be added after they’re fitted. You can also get the same tiles for your bathroom walls and floor if you want a more streamlined look.

Options for wall-tile types include:

  • glass
  • ceramic
  • natural stone

You can choose matt or gloss tiles, and you can have small mosaic ones right through to large tiles, which can make a small bathroom feel larger.

Tiles can also be used to make a statement – bold colours or different finishes can have a big impact. If they’re used sparingly, such as just around a shower or even statement tiles as a strip running through plain white tiles, it doesn’t have to be expensive at all.

Bathroom Desing Ideas

Choices – Modern or Traditional Bathroom Designs

Design Time is an industry leader in bathroom design for homes and businesses. With many years of extensive industry experience, we have the tools and expertise to help you find the right bathroom style that matches the décor of your property. We can help you make all those important choices without having to neglect your aspirations and dreams. We are know for the solutions and services we provide. We always aim for the best possible bathroom design while taking into account ALL of your particular use scenarios and requirements.

Our bathroom division offers complimentary consultations for clients looking to enhance or spruce up their existing washrooms.

From interior design, tiling and wallpaper to securing the right fixtures, we are committed to excellence in all our services offered.

We can also help customers find designs that seamlessly blend in with the current style and look of their homes. Whether looking for modern or traditional designs, a bathroom consultation is the best way to put your ideas into fruition.

Still Need Help Revamping Your Bathroom?

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Design Time features industry-leading bathroom design experts at every turn. From finding the right cabinetry and sinks to lighting and accents – we can truly turn your bathroom into a work of art. In this day and age, bathrooms are much more than just additional rooms or necessities. They play a pivotal part in your overall home scheme and look, which is vital when trying to establish uniformity and consistency in design.

We feature a myriad of bathroom concepts that showcase all the latest styles and trends.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Futuristic wallpaper – fixtures – lighting – and accessories for contemporary bathrooms.
  • Complete cabinetry – sinks – porcelain bathrooms tops – commodes – plants – paintings – artistic accents.
  • Paint swatches – Jacuzzi accessories – shower and bath tub tiling – rugs – baskets.
  • Traditional bathroom designs – wooden accessories – wallpaper – lighting systems – fixtures – shower and tub doors – wall mounts – towel holders – and much more.

Quality and Experience Counts

When designing a new bathroom or revamping an existing one. We always recommend you choose a partner which is driven by quality and experience.  This also constitutes the best bathroom design advice we can provide you with today.

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When it comes to redesigning or remodeling your bathroom in Nottingham – you need an experienced and dedicated team on your side.

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