Modern Kitchen Design: What Might Our Future Kitchens Be Designed Like?

Kitchens Nottingham from Design TimeKitchen design has changed dramatically in the last decades. Modern kitchens are now a central hub for any home and rather than being designed merely for cooking, modern kitchen design seeks to turn the kitchen into a social centre for entertaining as well as allowing other activities such as working or doing the laundry. Kitchen technology is adapting rapidly and in the following decade we may see some real game-changing innovations to kitchen design.

Perhaps the most important of the new kitchen developments is an interest in renewable energy and resources and an increased focus on sustainability. This means that future kitchens will be focused on being energy efficient and to allow eco-friendly activities such as easy recycling and waste management. Apart from sustainability, space is another issue. As cities become more crowded, space becomes much more expensive. There is a demand for smaller kitchens that are more practical for a single household meaning that a focus on functionality and user-friendliness will be a must.

In fact, this need for user-friendliness in appliances is what drives today’s movement for smart, interconnected appliances. Fridges that order food for you, cooking appliances that can be controlled over the Internet, and integrated dinner tables that count calories and plan menus are just some of the things to come. Most importantly, new appliances will be more silent, made from recycled materials, and be more energy-efficient than ever before.

The focus of future kitchen design will be creating the connected home, a house where the kitchen is connected to everything in the home and to the people through their smart phones and other network devices. This is already happening and many modern kitchens are already fully functional on the Internet.

One of the most important developments for the future kitchen will be the development of a Smart Grid. The reduction of environmental impact and increase in energy efficiency will also allow better monitoring of all kitchen appliances.

This means that your appliances may be able to be fixed and updated remotely without the need for hours of waiting for a repairman or annoying periods without access to your kitchen. The Smart Grid will also allow receiving new recipes, apps, and other goodies.

Designing intelligent devices that will be able to adapt and react will be a priority. In the future, perhaps, cooking a meal may require nothing more than a push of a button thanks to intelligent ovens that knows proper temperatures and cooking recommendations for different foods.

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