Make Your Kitchen the Proud Hub of Your Home

Choosing a good kitchen design can sometimes be daunting. Majority of construction companies provide off-the-shelf generic kitchen designs that don’t always match with what you need—it’s always rare to find a standard kitchen that will match all your design requirements. Accordingly, if you don’t want compromise your preferences, a bespoke design kitchen is the solution.  Bespoke kitchens are designed to match your specifications since you are allowed to choose everything—from depth, width, and height of the cabinets to total control over the finish.

Basically, a bespoke kitchen design provides you with the following benefits:

·         Unique Design: You are guaranteed a unique and customised design that you will never find in any other home.

·         Affordability: A common misconception about bespoke kitchens often revolve around their prices—people associate them with massive price tags. While in the past bespoke kitchens was something that only the rich could afford, these days the prices are very reasonable. So having a kitchen built from scratch and based on your own specification may not be as pricey as you tend to think.

·         No Fuss Installation: It is one thing to order a kitchen, but installing one can sometimes be a daunting fete, especially if you are trying to do it yourself. And if you decide to hire an expert to install and fit everything for you, it is going to be a bump up on the cost that you are going to occur. With bespoke kitchen, however, the companies or manufacturers don’t just create for you the kitchen, but they install it too.

·         Improved Functionality and Versatility: You kitchen is designed with your needs and preferences in mind, making it easier to use and a lot more functional.

·         Wide range of customisation options: With wide range customisable options, you can always make your kitchen look and function exactly how you want or dreamt of it.

DesignTime Kitchens, Nottingham, are specialists in bespoke kitchen, bathroom and bedroom designs. We believe that everybody deserve their dream Nottingham kitchen. That’s why we strive to provide you a complete bespoke service. We give you an opportunity to choose everything from the size of the kitchen units to the amount of storage that you prefer. Our experts even advice you on the type of appliances that you can invest in to complement your dream kitchen design. If you plan to make your kitchen the proud hub of your home, please contact us for a proposal at