Kitchen Installation: Important Points to Check After Your New Kitchen Has Been Installed

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Once a contractor has come in and finished the installation of your new kitchen it is vital that you take some time to do a full check of the new kitchen design and be sure that the kitchen design you specified has been followed and that all of the installations are in working order. There are several aspects of the room that will need to be checked.

Are the proper colors, styles and materials installed?

A quick look around should be able to verify whether or not the contractor followed directions and used the proper materials and colors that you ordered. Appliances should be the right model numbers and colors. Flooring and wall coloring should be the ones that you chose and countertops should be the ones your ordered. While this sounds a little basic it is best to be sure that a contractor did not sub out similar materials for those order, for instance is that granite countertop really granite? When in doubt ask for purchase orders for materials so that you can double check with suppliers. Open and close the drawers and doors, the closets, the refrigerator and anything else that moves to make sure these have been installed properly.

Is the plumbing in order?

Run the ice maker, check for leaks under the refrigerator, inside the refrigerator and behind the refrigerator; make sure these are no puddles on the floor and that ice cubes are forming well. Run the water into the sink, checking underneath for leaky pipes or a leaking drain. Run the waste disposal unit and make sure it works. If you have a lower floor or a basement go down below the kitchen design and check for wet spots near the sink, the drain lines and the refrigerator.

Is the Electricity Working?

Check each outlet and light switch. Make sure all electrical parts of appliances are working. Gas stoves may not cook with gas but they have electric timers, ignitions and lights. Make sure switch plates and socket covers are on properly and that there is no exposed wiring, even under or inside a cabinet. Make sure the refrigerator and freezer are both cold enough, check with a thermometer if at all possible. Run the exhaust fan and the range hood light, make sure no one forgot to wire these two important parts of the kitchen.

Sealers, caulk and more

Make sure that all surfaces that need to be sealed to prevent water damage have been taken care of properly. Also be sure that countertops, faucets and any other spot requiring caulk has been taken care of and that the appropriate materials were used for the job.

Are the appliances properly secured?

Dishwashers have to be properly secured under the counter and into the cabinetry or there can be a minor catastrophe when the door is opened and the appliance tilts forward. Built in microwaves, garbage compactors, refrigerators and wall ovens all must be properly secured in order to prevent accidents, damage to floors, and possible injuries.

Some other things to check would to make sure that heat vents were reattached to the duct work if they were moved and to make sure new windows work properly and that old ones were not damaged or painted shut. A new kitchen design is an exciting event, but even the best contractor can overlook something so all new kitchens should be carefully inspected.

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