Kitchen Design Tips for a Child & Family Friendly Kitchen

Kitchen Design Tips - Family and Child friendly kitchen design tips

Design Time is discussing some of the most important kitchen design tips  you should keep in mind when designing a kitchen for a family with young children. Gone are the days when kitchens were strictly an abode for adults. Today many parents want – in fact – need their children to be independent and make their way around the kitchen without incident.

As you remodel your Nottinghamshire home you should be thinking about kitchen design tips that can make your kitchen more family friendly.

Here are a few child & family friendly kitchen design tips to get you started:

  • Space is the most important factor to take into account when you are remodelling a kitchen with children in mind. They need to get around without any hindrance and for that to happen your kitchen needs to be roomy. If you have to knock down a wall do it. You will be happy when your kids don’t have to call for you every time they need something from the kitchen.
  • Kids are messy. As you choose materials for surfaces this is something that you have to keep in mind. You have chosen that wonderful white tabletop, but how easy it is to clean? If you have to scrub surfaces that are soiled by dirty little fingers every time. You may not like your new kitchen for very long. Only install fixtures and fittings that can be wiped clean.
  • Built-in kid access is also very important. Your children should be able to reach counter tops and cabinets with ease. There are many kitchen design options that have built-in steps that can be pulled in and out. They are out of the way when they are not needed. As you install cabinets you may want to have one or two installed at a level that your kids can reach. It can hold a few spoons, cups and plates.Kitchen design tips : three children preparing cookies in the kitchen
  • One way to teach your children to be independent is to get them to clean up after themselves in the kitchen. Sadly, many sink designs do not take this into account. There are smaller sinks that are designed specifically for children. They are also ideal for training your kids to wash their own plates and cups. This will help teach them to wash up once they are done with their meals. If you enjoy cooking. More, you would like them to learn. You can get a smaller or lower counter-top installed. You may worry about when the time comes to resell your property. Often you will be able to find a family that has young children. This type of buyers would be happy to pay extra for all the family-friendly improvements or additions you made.
  • Get slam-proof cabinets doors. Nothing is worse than hearing your child howl in pain from the kitchen when they got their fingers hurt by the kitchen cabinet doors. There are many brands of slam proof kitchen doors that are available in the market today. Tis type of kitchen cabinetry doors will cost you a bit more. But this is the price you have to pay to keep all the little ones safe in your new kitchen.
  • Many parents have to supervise children’s homework as they prepare dinner. This can become difficult when they are doing it in their bedrooms or in the living room. During your kitchen remodel you can have a small section set aside for homework duties. It should have a couple of children’s desks, an overhead shelf and a lamp. You can also use this space to do your administrative work such as paying bills or make shopping lists.
  • Getting your kids to dispose of trash and or recycle it in the right way can be difficult.  How many times do you find wrappers and peels on the kitchen counter? You can make trash disposal easy and fun by having a built-in trash receptacle that the children can reach by stepping on a pedal. When the bin is full take out the trash together. Over time let them have their own turns to take out the trash.

Kitchen design tips - accessibility

More general family friendly kitchen design tips for You:

  • Create an interactive and inviting space
  • Always bear all the practicalities in mind
  • Make it a room with easy accessibility, which is fun and spacious for the kids
  • Find the right balance between style and function

All these are excellent kitchen design tips and ideas. If you would like to have any of them in your new Nottinghamshire kitchen you should call Design Time, the leading kitchen design firm in Nottingham.

Let them know what your aspirations and ideas are. Then watch them bring all of them to life within budget and time.

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