An Overview of our Kitchen Design Service

Kitchen Design Service recent installation

Our Kitchen Design Service – Recent installation of a beautiful and classic style kitchen

Designing a New Kitchen With Us

People who are interested in Kitchen Design Services in Nottingham might not be sure about exactly what they want at first. They might not know what their kitchen space will be able to handle in terms of a kitchen design make over. Some people for example might have grand visions for their kitchens that will not be practical. Others may sell themselves short when it comes to their kitchen design ideas. One thing all our customers have in common – they all receive the following service:

A FREE Consultation and Kitchen Design Service

Our FREE consultation and planning service has made all the difference for many of our customers. It gives us chance to have a discussion about what you feel are the essential elements that must be included and helps us to ascertain what style will suit your personal taste. Design Time offers a very varied portfolio of kitchen design styles. You can decide on a modern, contemporary kitchen if that’s what you like. Others might be interested in a more timeless look. You might even be able to combine these two style types. Our showroom always has a wide selection of demonstration kitchens from the current ranges available.

We will then start the kitchen design service process by taking all the necessary measurements. This gives our experienced design team a clearer idea of what will and won’t work for your particular kitchen. You can as specific as you like in terms of appliances and cabinets that you would like us to include in the initial design – we are always happy to adjust and tweak until you are confident about all aspects of the layout. You will be using all of these appliances for an extended period of time, so it is important to choose wisely. We are agents for many famous Kitchen Design brands such as Burbidge and are approved suppliers for many leading German and British appliance brands such as Bosh, Britannia and many other manufacturers.

Nobilia Kitchen Design Service example by Design Time

Nobilia Kitchen Example Design

Our CAD/CAM software is what can really makes the difference for our customers. You won’t need to rely on your imagination when it comes to picturing your completed kitchen, you will be provided with photo-like previews from various viewpoints of the room.

Getting Everything Installed

This step will always be highly variable.  If you are changing your kitchen significantly, then it might take a while to install everything.

  • It is likely that your old kitchen cabinets and furniture need to be taken away.
  • Your kitchen also might be in need of substantial rewiring and plumbing. We’ll take care of this, ensuring the installation of new units is as seamless as possible.
  • We can fit new flooring to compliment the new kitchen.
  • We can oversee any re-plastering or making good of wall surfaces.
  • Our experienced fitters can then smoothly install your new kitchen.
  • The final decorative steps such as painting and tiling can then be completed.

We cover all of this during a typical kitchen installation, making the whole process as stress free as possible.

It’s clear that kitchen design has many practical, planning and timing issues to overcome. We will handle all of these for you professionally, with our workforce being tidy and courteous at all times. Our Kitchen Design Service always delivers unbeatable results and value for money. In most cases our projects take less time then you think.

Maintaining your New Kitchen

We care about making sure that your kitchen is going to last. Our company’s 10 year insurance backed guarantee speaks for itself. Your new kitchen design will last a long time, and we’ll make sure of that with our after care services. Over time a new kitchen from us will yield a better sale price for your home.

If you’re interested in a kitchen design services from Nottingham, you can get in touch with us here or call us on 01159 81 89 81.

We can help make your next kitchen design more exciting for you today.