A Top 10 of Kitchen Design Layout Pitfalls to Evade for Nottingham Residents by Design Time

Kitchen design layout pitfalls to evade

For most people re-modelling a kitchen starts with one simple question. What should my new kitchen look like? This is a very difficult question to answer. Most homes aren’t equal dimensions wise. So we all end up looking for the best suitable kitchen design layouts for our homes. Kitchen design layouts will vary for each home. We also keep in mind that each homeowner has their own personal preference, when it comes to choosing a kitchen design for a Nottingham home. What looks like a great kitchen design and layout to one person may be a complete ‘no-no’ to someone else.

This always end up being to many result or options and choices to choose from. There is literally thousands, maybe tens of thousands of kitchen designs that one could choose from. You are free to choose whichever one you feel suits you and your family and circumstances and or building best.

We, at Design Time, in Nottingham believe it may be better for you to focus on avoiding common pitfalls when designing a new kitchen. If a fashionable kitchen design layout suits you, go for it. But try to make sure to steer clear of the following common pitfalls when choosing your next kitchen design layout:

1. Clutter

You would like your new kitchen design layout to have as many features as you can squeeze in. But you should remember that the more you cram in there the more cluttered your kitchen becomes. There are kitchen designs that allow you to fit in features that are hidden away leaving more clear areas. These areas are more attractive and feel more spacious when all clutter is hidden away.

2. Inadequate Kitchen Storage

Inadequate kitchen storage is another common problem when it comes to kitchen design layouts. If you don’t own enough kitchen storage. You will end up with items all over your kitchen counter and surfaces. This is exactly what you should avoid in your next or new kitchen design layout. Allow ample space and room for storage.

Don’t forget to take into account all ergonomics when choosing your cabinets, handles and doors. Even more so if your next kitchen design layout needs to be suitable for i.e. children, the disabled or the elderly. Their needs will demand differences in the kitchen design layout you choose.

Kitchen design layout - ergonomics don't forget them!

Always make sure you that whatever kitchen design layout you choose allows for enough kitchen storage space in the right places.

3. Impractical and Smelly Bin Placements

You have a beautiful kitchen, but smack in the middle of it there is a bin. This is not what you need. You need a neat and tidy kitchen design layout which hides your bin out of view. As you choose a kitchen design give careful thought to where you would like your bin to live. You can have it tucked away in a cabinet somewhere and have the space specially designed so that it will not let any odours escape into your kitchen’s atmosphere.

4. Insufficient Workspace Areas

Your countertop will be the center piece of your kitchen. All work and most meal related activities happen there. It is used when preparing meals and in many social contexts. You may also want to use it to consume food at varied times during the day. You should make sure that you choose a countertop that’s big enough. But NOT so big that other features in the kitchen are hidden from view or even obstructed in terms of their access as your counter top is way to big and in the wrong place in your new kitchen design layout.

5. Poor Building Materials

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make. Is to use a contractor who uses shortcuts when it comes to sourcing his building materials. Your kitchen design is great but if it doesn’t last you will have thrown away your money. Make sure that you chose the best building materials that you can find.

6. Bad Lighting

It is very important to make sure that your kitchen is well lit and there are no dark corners or areas. Plan ample windows in as many walls as possible when designing your home and kitchen. Allow as much natural daylight in as possible. It will make the space feel bigger and save on energy bills at the same time. Try to look out for double glazed glass were possible and required.

kitchne design layout pitfalls - make sure there is ample light in all areas

7. Poor Ventilation

If you work in a kitchen with poor ventilation for a long time you could start to feel more uncomfortable. If too much smoke and vapors build up. You may find people could even faint under does circumstances. It will also complicate things. When larger numbers of your family members plan on spending a lot of time, multi-tasking together in your new kitchen. This will require even more consideration when planning your ventilation output and power.

8. Choosing the Wrong Shape of Kitchen Counter

You may see a really nice-looking kitchen counter but if its shape doesn’t work together with the shape of the room you will be making a big mistake if you install it. It will only be in the way. You should spend some time and choose a counter whose shape properly fits in your next kitchen design layout.

9. Choosing Kitchen Trends instead of Functionality

Every season there will be new trends in kitchen design. In a bid to stay current. You may want to follow these trends. As much as you want your kitchen to be stylish you also want to make sure that style doesn’t overtake function.

10. DIY

If you want a truly remarkable kitchen you should hire a professional kitchen designer rather than settle for a DIY job. While you may be good at small DIY jobs, you don’t have the same amount of expertise and experience as a professional.