Keeping Your Kitchen Looking As New As When It Was First Fitted

Everyone loves that new kitchen feeling, when everything is still shiny and new and the room feels fresh. Unfortunately, not all of us can afford to have a new kitchen fitted whenever we want – we have to make do with the one that we have had for a few years. That said, you can make sure your kitchen looks new, or nearly new, if you clean and organize it properly. Use these kitchen cleaning tips:

•    Get everyone to chip in. The kitchen is the heart of the home – everyone uses it and they should contribute to cleaning it. Most kitchens get grubby because one person doesn’t have time to clean everyone’s mess. If you all chip in it will help keep the kitchen cleaner for longer.

•    There are certain areas that must be cleaned every day; you must wash dishes, sweep the floor and wipe down the counter. These are essential and they should be fitted onto your schedule. You can skip the floor once in a while but make sure that dishes and the counter are done.

•    Your appliances get all kinds of dirt on them. You need to wipe them down. To keep out bad smells use cider vinegar or baking soda.

•    What does the inside of your microwave look like? Some micro waves are simply disgusting. Clean yours at least once a week. It isn’t very hard to do. Steam a bowl of water in there to make everything come lose and then wipe it down with a wet towel. Dry with paper towels.

•    Clean out your fridge and let it air at least once a month. If there are strong smells in there put some cider vinegar in a cup or some baking soda in there to absorb the smells.

•    Defrost your freezer and tidy it up.

•    Under your fridge is another place that tends to be dirty and forgotten. Push the fridge to the side and clean the floor.

•    Tidy your pantry and throw out anything that has passed its sell by date.

•    Keep cabinet tops free of clutter by making use of the drawers for things like cutlery.

If these tips don’t work, maybe it is time for a new kitchen. Design Time in Nottingham are experts in bespoke kitchens and can have one fitted for you at a very fair price. You can find out more by calling them on 01159 81 89 81 or visit their website,