Karndean Flooring from Design Time

Kardean International Flooring LogoKarndean is a premier brand name when it comes to flooring options. You can get a wide variety of quality and affordable flooring available at Design Time for your bathrooms and kitchens in Nottingham. With a long experience in the industry, Karndean flooring is the place to get all your luxury vinyl tiles. There are about six different kinds of flooring materials that are available for you to choose from and the first type is the Knight Tile. It is the entry level of all the types available at Design Time produced by Karndean. It is most suitable for domestic use and comes with a guarantee of 12 years from the manufacturers making it a wise investment for the home-owners.

The second type is the Renoir tile range which is best for commercial use. It is smaller than the Knight Tile range, but it has some designs that make it unique from the other tile ranges. The third range is the Karndean Van Gogh design. Its wood effect designs make it stand out from the rest. It utilizes a combination extra wide and long planks in the Barnwood tile format to make it one of the best wood effect tiles available. You can install it in an area where you have visitors often so that they can see the splendor in your home.

The Karndean Michelangelo range is the fourth tile range available. It has some beautiful mosaic and pebble designs which can be a perfect fit for your bathrooms in Nottingham. The Karndean Da Vinci is the fifth tile range which utilizes thin strip planks to achieve realistic tile effects. The last range available is the Karndean Art Select, and it is the best available design. All these ranges are waterproof and are suitable for your bathrooms or kitchens Nottingham. Since they are durable and high quality, they save you money you would spend in repairs and replacements. Do not hesitate to get yours today.

If you would like to speak to one of our designers about Karndean Floors, please call Design Time on 01159 81 89 81