Is Your Home In Need Of A Bit Of Refurbishing But You Only Want To Do Your Kitchen? Look No Further Than Design Time

Refurbishing your home has been on your mind for a while now but you have been unable to get the money together. Why not take one step at a time and start by refurbishing your kitchen? It will motivate you to work harder to find the rest of the money to refurbish your entire home. If you decide to refurbish your kitchen, one of the best Nottingham kitchen design companies, Design Time, should be your designer of choice. They are one of the best in the area – in fact, it is hard to find a design company that compares.

Their kitchens are top quality and they work with nothing but the best kitchen manufacturers. As you choose your next kitchen you can expect to hear names like Burbidge, Nobilia and other top names in the business. They specialize in bespoke kitchens so you can be sure that you are getting the kitchen of your dreams. Once you hire them, one of their highly skilled designers becomes your point person and they will work with you to create a kitchen that is both beautiful and functional.

The quality of Design Time’s work is so high that they are ready to give you an awesome guarantee – you get deposit insurance that protects you right from the beginning of the project and you also get 10 years insurance backed guarantee. In other words, if anything should happen to your kitchen within 10 years, you are guaranteed that they will install another one for free.

If you are wondering whet their kitchens look like, you should take an online tour of their showroom. They have different kitchens already set up so that clients can have an idea of what results to expect. While on your tour you can choose fixtures and fittings for your next kitchen. If you don’t know which ones are best for you, why not visit their showroom at their location? One of their designers will be happy to advise.

The other thing that you will love about Design Time is how much they cost – if you go around Nottingham, you will not find another kitchen design company like it!

You can find out more by calling Design Time on 01159 81 89 81 or by visiting their website,