If You Have Always Wanted a Wet Room but Aren’t Sure What Needs to be Installed Look No Further than Design Time

You have always wanted a luxurious bathroom in your Nottingham home and you have finally put together the money for it. Wet rooms are one characteristic that you cannot afford to ignore – they are a feature of luxurious bathrooms. But who should you turn to to install your luxurious bathroom and wet room? You see, because there are so many Nottingham bathroom design companies that it can be hard for you to choose – however, you need look no further than Design Time!
Design Time is a Nottingham wet room and bathroom service that has a lot to offer. To start with, we have a wide range of wet rooms and bathrooms that you can choose from. You will have your choice of fixtures including tiles, bathtubs, sinks, taps and even lighting. If you already have a fair idea of what you want your wet room and bathroom to look like then it is pretty easy for you to pick fixtures. If you don’t have any ideas don’t worry; Design Time has experts who can help you put together the most beautiful wet room and bathroom. We have a showroom where they show you what complete bathrooms look like to help you make a decision.
Our process is a simple one that is designed to make it very easy for the client. When you contact us, we send one of their designers to your home so that we can see the kind of space we are working with. The designer will also discuss with you the kind of bathroom that you want and then based on that, they will put together high resolution photos of the completed wet room and bathroom for your approval. You can make any changes that you want at this point. Once you give your approval we send a contractor and a team of builders to get the job started. We aim to complete projects in the shortest possible time so you can be sure that you will have your wet room and bathroom before long.
The other thing about Design Time that makes us unique is the durability of our wet room and bathroom designs. We use only top quality fixtures so you can be sure that it will be many years before you need to install a new wet room and bathroom.
You can find out more by visiting our website, http://www.designtime.co.uk