How to Keep your Bathroom in Tip-Top Shape?

bathroom cleaning tips

Since our bathroom is one of the places that is used most often in our homes. It comes as no surprise that many of us could use some bathroom cleaning tips. When it comes to cleaning the bathroom it has always been an uphill battle against grime, mold and the accumulation of all sorts of bacteria.

Cleaning our bathrooms can be a dreaded task since a quick wipe with an anti-bacterial wipe might not always give the desired results.

Furthermore, a bathroom is not an exciting place to clean. And for that reason it often ends up being ignored.

This is why Design Time decided to compile an easy list of Bathroom Cleaning Tips to help keep your bathroom in tip-top shape.

You can read it below. We have have broken it down in a few special points for you to consider.

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1. Keep Cleaning Materials on Hand

First you set up your bathroom in such a way that your cleaning tools are accessible with ease. Also, consider buying low-priced washcloths that match your bathroom design. Roll and then store them under the sink. Use a small basket or an easy to access bathroom cabinet for storage.

Remember to have plenty of disinfecting cleaning materials at hand  such as wipes. Also ensure you have easy access to a shower cleaner, a hand-held squeegee, a toilet brush, an orphan sock and dryer sheets.

Make sure these tools and cleaning materials are stored in a convenient place in your bathroom where they can be accessed easily by all, such as young and old or tall and small family members.

bathroom cleaning tips

2. Ensure Your Bathroom is Always Stocked with Cleaning Materials

This is the fastest and simplest way to make sure your bathroom and restroom remain clean. Yet it is mostly ignored. You don’t want your family members or guest to stare at an empty toilet paper dispenser. Ensuring that your bathroom is stocked with enough toilet paper and bathing tissue will make you look more organised.

Bathtub - bathroom cleaning tips

3. Bathtub Cleaning

The majority of people opt to wait until the handyman comes to clean their bathtub. However, trying yourself to clean the bathtub frequently is important. It will make the work easier over time. While ensuring your bathroom stays clean at all times.

While taking a shower, use a dish wand containing a washing detergent and vinegar. Then start scrubbing the walls of your bath or shower cubicle and walls. After that, the shower water will easily rinse all the grime away and leave your tub or shower sparkling clean. Don’t forget to give all taps a wipe too.

bathroom cleaning tips - colourful towels

4. Hand Towels

While many people love the appearance of white hand towels, you can more easily spot any degree of dirt on them. Irrespective of how impressive or elegant a white towel is. They all catch grime really bad. For this reason, it is recommended that you own numerous low-priced towels and colorful ones. Rather than being the proud owner of one or two elegant white ones.

The moment you spot a stubborn grime on one of towels in use. You can replace it with a freshly washed one from the stash you created below the sink.

A glittery and spotless white towel will always make your bathroom look cleaner, so you could keep a few on display just for that purpose.

5. Prevent Rust

Any metallic object close to the sink is vulnerable to rusting, simply because of the amount of water being used in that area. You will realise that your metal soap dispenser starts to catch rust within a few weeks of purchase.

Rather than throwing away a functioning soap dispenser, install some magic sliders beneath the dispenser. This is an excellent option for those dispensers which are round. However, they are available in a wide variety of sizes, so you will always get what works best for you. The sliders help in keeping the soap dispenser above any water that might reach the counter.

bathroom cleaning tips - toilet brush holder

6. Toilet Brush Holder – Put some Detergent in it

Here is the one the best bathroom cleaning tips or remedies for not only keeping the toilet brush holder spotless. But, this is also a great way of keeping your bathroom smelling fresh without having to spray it frequently.

Put a small amount of all-purpose cleaning detergent in the bottom of the toilet brush holder. This will help keep the toilet brush spotless while killing the microorganisms and bacteria. Additionally it provides your bathroom with a more pleasant scent.

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