How to Design Your Bathroom for the Future

Bathroom in Grey and White Colours by Design Time from Nottingham

Future Proof your Bathroom Design

Have you ever thought about future proofing your bathroom? Investing in a new bathroom design will help to ensure that it is functional and comfortable for your family for years to come. Design Time’s bathroom design specialists from Nottingham have put together this guide on how to design a bathroom to suit your future needs.

1. Plan Ahead and Assess the Ergonomics

Ergonomics refers to the way in which people interact with their environment. When designing a bathroom, it is essential that the layout allows you to carry out the tasks you require, whatever your size, age or ability. It is a good idea to make a list of all the activities you perform in the bathroom. This will enable you to check you have enough space in your bathroom and plan your design ahead of time.
Plan Ahead and Assess the Ergonomics of your Bathroom Design

2. Create a Space That Is Easy to Access

As you get older, you might become less mobile. It is therefore important to create a bathroom design which consists of equipment that is easy to use. For example, you could include either a walk in shower or bath, this will save you from having to lift your legs up high. We recommend carefully selecting your bathroom furniture and fixtures with this in mind. Consider purchasing items that are durable and are low maintenance, for example when deciding on floor tiles, make sure they are easy to clean. Avoid covering your bathroom with ceramic tiles because this is likely to create condensation problems.

3. Expand Your Bathroom Space

There are often multiple family members using the bathroom at once, so it is crucial to make sure your bathroom design has enough room to accommodate them. One way to make your bathroom larger is to either remove an internal of external wall to create more space. This has the potential to significantly improve the style and function of your bathroom.

A modern white bathroom by Desing Time - Future proof your design today.

4. Use Neutral Colours

Interior design colour trends come and go but painting your bathroom in neutral colours will create a timeless look for the room. For example, white is a classic colour, and because it is a light shade, it will also make your bathroom look more spacious.

A spacious bathroom design in modern house by Design Time from Notthingham

5. Good Lighting

Your choice of lighting is another aspect of future proofing your bathroom. We advise that you make sure your bathroom is well lit to increase the visibility of any wet patches on the floor to avoid any accidents that might occur.

6. Natural Materials

Although wood can be expensive, the use of a natural material is a great way to add a modern finish to your bathroom. Adding items that are made from natural materials will also complement a neutral colour scheme.
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