Fitting a Brand New Kitchen? Did You Consider a Kitchen Water Softener?

Kitchen water softeners reduce maintenace costs and utility bills

One of the biggest problems that you have had with plumbing in your Nottingham home is Limescale (Calcium deposits). You do not own any form of kitchen water softeners. Over the years you have had to plumb and re-plumb multiple times because of build-up that blocks pipes and taps. But now that you are re-modeling you are wondering whether there is anything you can do to deal with the problem permanently. But first lets have a look at what Limescale is and where you could find symptoms telling you it is time to tackle this problem.

What is Limescale – Why are my taps affected?

Kitchen water softeners - tap with limescale

You will find limescale in many places in your home. Some you can see and others are hidden from view. Limescale commonly can be found inside your water pipes. Invisible or out of view it can build up on all sorts of heating elements. Your washer’s, boiler’s and dishwasher’s heating elements could be affected. Any surface where water has evaporated such as the taps themselves.

What can be done preventive?

You can install a kitchen water softener. Kitchen water softeners are becoming a popular choice for people who don’t want to deal with the problems that are posed by hard water in the home. There is no better time to have one installed in your home than when you are doing a re-model on your kitchen.

What are the benefits of kitchen water softeners?

Under sink kitchen water softener DualFlo Harvey systems by Design Time

Many people have no idea that the taps in their home produce hard water. They assume that blockages in pipes occur after some time and only require routine plumbing. What they don’t realise is that the problem is caused by hard water. Hard water occurs due to the presence of certain minerals in your local water supply and it can be very expensive in the long term.

We have written a previous news article on our range of kitchen water softeners. Look here for an in depth study of our DualFlo Harvey water softener products.

If you are not sure whether kitchen water softeners are right for you consider the following benefits:

  • You will lower your energy bills significantly. Lots of people know that hard water can lead to all sorts of problems with plumbing. But what they don’t realise is that they are paying more in electricity bills. It takes about 30% more energy to boil hard water in your kettle than it does to boil soft water. Your water heater uses even more power so you can imagine how much more you are paying in electricity bills. Installing a kitchen water softener can lower power bills in your kitchen by a significant amount.
  • Homes that have hard water have to replace kitchen appliances sooner than those that get soft water. A good way to check is with your kettle. Look inside and if the element is discoloured or has white streaks it means that you have been boiling hard water. You can expect that you will need to replace it sooner or later. Lime scale builds up on appliances the same way it does in pipes and taps.Kitchen water softeners - Limescale damage in washiing machine on heating element
  • Are you keen to reduce your environmental footprint? If yes, kitchen water softeners are definitely something that you should consider. Every time you boil water you will use less electricity and over time you will make your home much more environmentally friendly.
  • How much washing up liquid do you use every month? If you think you are forced to use too much. It could be time to test your water to find out whether it is hard or soft. Hard water requires more soap to get suds and you need more water to rinse your dishes. It leaves streaks on glassware and ceramics.
  • Although there is no conclusive research, you don’t really want to keep on feeding your family meals that are cooked using hard water. No one knows what happens once it is boiled and consumed. Wouldn’t you be safe rather than sorry? All you need to do during your kitchen re-model is install a kitchen water softener.
  • Some water kitchen softeners are fitted with water purifiers which means that not only will your family be drinking clean water, you will also never have to buy bottled water again. Purifying your water should be a priority. It has been proven that in most places tap water has contaminants such as trace amounts of Lead and Copper which can lead to serious health issues and  illnesses.

The best company you could contact for your kitchen water softeners in Nottingham is Design Time. They install only the best models in the market today. Design Time are experts in everything kitchen design wise. We can help you find a softener and purifier that is just right for your home. We will also ensure that you get a top quality re-model.

Kitchen water softeners -Helps reduce limescale deposits

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