Fancy a walkthrough of our kitchen showroom to get some inspiration? Give us a call today!

Deciding that you want to install a new kitchen in your Nottingham home is the easy bit; actually settling on a kitchen design usually turns out to be the hard part. There are so many kitchen designs in the market today that it can be very hard to settle on one. You may look in magazines and even online but you will only see more and more kitchens and get more and more confused. That is why at Design Time we like to take you through a kitchen walkthrough.

We realise that clients are able to choose much more easily if they walk through a real kitchen themselves. When they stand in it and see the dimensions and what will actually going in it they are able to make up their minds. That is why we felt that investment in a showroom was something that would help our clients. We have set aside a space where we have put together real kitchens that clients can come and explore. They can buy the kitchens complete as they are or they can mix and match pieces to their liking.

We have a wide range of kitchens that they can choose from and all of them are made by the top manufacturers in the world. You can get modern and contemporary kitchen designs and we even have a special line of the best German kitchens in the market. All these can be viewed if you pay us a brief visit at our showroom. You will not be alone either – one of our designers will walk with you to make sure that you get everything that you need. You can talk to them about what you want your next kitchen to look like and you can also tell them about any concerns that you may have.

And we are not just about selling kitchens. We also fit them for our clients using our fitters who are very well experienced and highly trained. They are trained to work fast and efficiently so that you can have an excellently fitted kitchen in the shortest possible time. Our kitchens and workmanship are so superior that every client gets a 10 year insurance backed guarantee.

Don’t take any risks choosing a kitchen that you haven’t seen yet. Instead, come to our Nottingham kitchen walkthrough service to help you make an informed decision. You can start by having a quick peek at our online showroom on