Ergonomic Bathrooms, how to choose Yours!

Are you renovating a bathroom in Nottingham? If you are you may want to go with a modern, ergonomic bathroom. Ergonomics is basically the study of how people interact with their surroundings. An ergonomic bathroom takes into account all the things you will be doing in the bathroom. Here is what you need to take into account in the design process:

  • You need to make sure that the bath taps can be reached from outside the tub. They should not be placed in such a way that they are not in the way when someone is getting in or out of the tub. The other thing you need to take into account is the depth – it should be easy to climb in and out.
  • Many people who have small bathrooms design showers that are too small so that when they are in it their bodies touch the walls. If you are not sure of what size your shower should be look up “bathrooms Nottingham” to find a designer who can look at the space and give you recommendations.
  • Have you been in a bathroom where you have to turn or bend to reach the tissue roll? It isn’t very nice. Place your tissue roll holder just in front of the toilet where it can be reached easily.
  •  The same goes for the shelves that hold things like towels and shampoo; place them in such a way that they can be reached when someone is in the shower. If you have both a shower and a tub you will need to install shelves for both.
  • If you have small children you may want to consider creating a separate space where you can wash them and dry them.
  • It may not seem like a big deal but check if the person using the bathroom is right or left handed; placement changes when someone is left handed.
  • Think about style; you can choose between a minimalist look, a traditional bathroom look or a modern look. All these can be made ergonomic.
  • Safety is also an important consideration when you are creating an ergonomic bathroom – the combination of water and electricity means you have to be careful with switch placement. The floor, especially the areas that come in contact with water, should have non-slip mats.
  • If anyone elderly will use the bathroom you should install grab bars for them.

Use these tips to create stylish and ergonomic bathrooms around your house.

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