Energy Star Appliances explained.

Home appliances are some of the biggest consumers of electricity in the UK. As a homeowner, it is important that you invest in energy saving appliances. You can tell an energy complaint appliance by checking for an Energy Star sticker on the box that the appliance comes in or on the appliance itself.

The Energy Star first appeared in the market in the ‘80’s. It was designed to help people identify which appliances would save energy. The move would reduce carbon emissions and it would cost consumers lot less in electricity bills.

There are 3 main areas in a house that consume a lot of power to operate. The first is heating and cooling. Getting your house warm in winter and cool in summer drives the power bills very high. Just by getting an air conditioner with an Energy Star sticker you can save as much as 85% of the power that you use to get temperatures right in your home.

The second area that consumes a lot of power is water heating. A family of four will spend about £500 a year just to heat water for bathing. Add to that all the other water that needs to be heated for other need around the home and the bill becomes very significant. By getting a water tank that has an Energy Star rating you can save a lot of money. You should also look into thankless systems that heat water on demand.

The third area that consumes a lot of power is the fridge. There are various tips you can use to reduce energy consumption; you can set the appropriate temperature, keep the fridge in a cold spot, allow a space behind the fridge for better air circulation and make sure that all seals are intact. None of these, however, will beat buying a fridge that has an Energy Star on it.

Invest in Energy Star appliances starting today and save yourself some money.

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