Do You Want The Latest, Most Fashionable Kitchen? Look No Further Than Design Time

If you live in Nottingham and are looking for a kitchen service that can give your kitchen the professional makeover it needs, there is no need to look further than Design Time. We have been building top quality contemporary kitchens and traditional kitchens for people in the area for many years and we guarantee you that the kitchen we install for you will be unlike any other you would have had chosen.

All our kitchens are bespoke – you get exactly what you want. We provide kitchens from the Burbidge Crafted Design range which come in contemporary, classic and painted styles. Our customers can choose whichever they feel is best for them. Our design features include kitchen counter tops, floors, cabinets, doors, door handles, pantries and many more.

Our approach is never to do a hard sell to a customer. We invite you to our showroom, either online or in our offices, so that you can see for yourself and decide whether you want us to work for you. If you do, we will give you a project manager who is also an expert interior designer to help you come up with the perfect kitchen. You will decide everything that needs to go and all the new features that you want installed. Once you are done your account manager will get high quality photos that show you exactly what your new kitchen will look like. If you are not satisfied you can make changes at this stage. We take car of any paperwork that may be required.

How do you know that you can trust us to deliver as promised? Because you get a 10 year insurance backed guarantee. Yes, if in 10 years your kitchen doesn’t perform as expected you can expect it to be reinstalled for free. We also have deposit insurance that protects you right from the beginning.

To ensure that our standards never slip we are members of the Consumer Protection Association. Their job is to make sure that their members adhere to rigorous standards at all times. We also do consumer surveys to determine how happy our clients are with us.

Another thing that makes us unique is our price. We can install a top quality kitchen £7995 which covers all fixtures, fittings and labor. Look around Nottingham and you will not find any other interior who offers the kind of quality that we do for that amount. For bespoke Nottingham kitchens, go to