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Bathroom design Ideas

Plenty of people are interested in changing their homes, especially when a New Year starts. It’s emotionally satisfying when things change from year to year. We often feel anxious when everything feels the same as it did the year before, and many will want to make sure that this doesn’t happen to them in 2019 and beyond.

Maybe, You are looking for some New and Fresh Bathroom Design Ideas for 2019?

Getting a new bathroom can certainly help you feel like you’re in a new home, even if you don’t change anything else about your home. You might not change your living room all that often, but the bathroom tends to get updated fairly frequently. It’s often a good idea to get new bathroom fixtures one way or another, since they tend to wear out over time. Those among  you who are interested in getting a update for their bathroom should absolutely go through with it, since it will have so many benefits for your family.

Bathroom Design ideas - Helpful tips!

However, you might not have any specific bathroom design ideas left. You might want a different bathroom, but you might not know exactly where to start, which can make things difficult for anyone.

Minimalism & Art –  a Bathroom Design Idea & Trend

Purchasing art in general was less popular. Mainly because the last decade saw ‘minimalism’ grow into a common interior and bathroom design focus. However, these days, we are starting to embrace bolder elements in our interior and bathroom designs.

If, you are trying to design your bathroom in a more ‘minimalist’ way, you are not going to want to put up a lot of art. After all, with ‘minimalism’, you will often strive for solid white walls. You’re aiming for the more ‘Spartan’ or ‘sparse’ look.

Some of us who like ‘minimalism’ might try to hang up some paintings, especially the bigger white ones. There are other abstract paintings that will work well in ‘minimalist’ context.

However, for those who choose these specific interior and bathroom design ideas or elements, you will often feel limited in terms of the sort of art that you can hang on your walls, whether you’re decorating your bathroom, living room, or bedroom.

Bathroom Design Ideas - Add some art!

Add Art to Your Bathroom Design in Nottingham

In 2019, it’s going to become more popular to put bolder art in the bathroom and throughout your house in general. Art that has a lot of texture to it and a lot of shades will work well in the your bathroom in 2019. Even a relatively simple painting can have a dramatic effect on the overall look and feel of your bathroom. A more striking painting can absolutely transform any bathroom.

There are plenty of paintings that will not be vulnerable to the moisture and temperature fluctuations that will occur in most bathrooms. People who are worried about the paint of the painting peeling when it is placed in a bathroom should just make sure that they are able to get a painting that was made with those limitations in mind.

Some people will want paintings that will completely change the look of their bathrooms. Other people will want to make the bathroom walls themselves paintings, and that sort of thing will be very fashionable in 2019.

Bathroom Design Ideas - Black & white walls and tones

Dramatic Wall Designs, Shades or Tones

Are  you tired of your white bathroom walls? Are you considering to change them in 2019? Many of us will be doing the exact same thing. In fact, having a black bathroom is going to become more popular this year.

Many still enjoy or like the look and feel of neutral tones and shades, and they can achieve this with both black and white shades or tones. You can also create that effect with a mixture of black and white. In 2019, it will become a good idea to choose a bathroom design were walls are solid black. You won’t regret choosing this dramatic look, and could keep it for many years afterwards.

Bathroom Design Ideas - Water resistant wallpapers

Water-resistant Bathroom Wallpapers

Some of us might be interested in adding wallpaper to our bathrooms, which can really alter the look of any bathroom. There are plenty of different types of wallpaper that are water-resistant and suitable for use in bathroom designs. You will not have to worry about the wallpaper getting damaged over time. We carry a range of wallpapers which were specifically designed with bathrooms in mind. Most modern bathroom design ideas can now incorporate this type of wallpapers.

You will no longer be limited in your choice due to a lack of suitable bathroom wallpapers this year. You can now really let loose when it comes to your choice of bathroom wallpaper designs. This will yield really visually stunning looks for your bathroom in 2019. Consider in example a more floral design. This will now also allow you to extend this look and feel to your bathroom. You might already have implemented similar design elements throughout the rest of your home. You can also choose wallpaper designs that incorporate more plant or natural elements in your next bathroom design. This will certainly become one of the new ideas which will be implemented in many new bathroom design in 2019.


Contrast between different bright shades can achieve a very nice look and feel. Especially when considering the use of wallpapers in your next bathroom design in Nottingham. If the wallpaper just looks like paint you will be missing out on some of the benefits associated with this sort of product in the first place. So we recommend you come and have a look at what is on offer nowadays in terms of water-resistant wallpapers in our bathroom design showroom in Nottingham.

People won’t have to put wallpapers on all of their bathroom walls in order to accomplish an effect like this. Putting wallpaper on one wall can actually help people accomplish the same trick, in fact, making it easier for people to create a strong impression in an efficient way. Adding wallpaper to the wall of a bathroom that faces the sink will work well and create that sense of balance which was missing.

New Bathroom Fixtures

Bathroom Design Ideas - new fixturesMost people will have to replace their bathroom fixtures eventually, and they will not necessarily want to get bathroom fixtures that perfectly resembled their old ones anyway. For 2019, it might be a good idea for people to get ‘pewter’ bathroom fixtures. Other people might want to get stainless steel or brass bathroom fixtures, all will allow you to accomplish the same general effect.

Pewter, Stainless Steel or Brass?

When considering bathroom fixtures which will allow you to give your bathroom design a very polished look. Pewter and stainless steel bathroom fixtures will come to mind. They are easier to keep clean than a good portion of the other options that are available today.

These are fixtures that come with a lot of practical benefits for those who are interested in making sound & smart choices regarding their new bathrooms fixtures. You will not regret choosing ‘pewter’, stainless steel or brass bathroom fixtures, They will last longer than plenty of the other options that are available in the market today.

These are just some simple bathroom design ideas we wanted to share with you. We hope you find the missing inspiration for your next bathroom design.

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Why involve Design Time?

Maybe you just wont to try something ‘completely’ new and fresh this year. Some of you might want to opt for a more classic style in 2019? While others are trying to find a balance between their own interests and the new and more fashionable styles of 2019.

Whatever your design ideas demand, we, Design Time are happy to help you achieve that new ‘look & feel’ for your next bathroom design in 2019.

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