Design Time Nottingham – The Right Choice

Design Time LogoA person’s home should be a place where they feel good about having friends over to visit, as well as a place they can relax in and that provides comforts that they deserve. The three areas of a person’s home that get a lot of traffic are the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, so it’s vital to have these designed to be both efficient and beautiful. If you are thinking of getting any or all of these rooms in your home refurbished or just want to add some décor, then it’s time to contact Design Time, one the best independent Kitchen, Bathroom and Bedroom design consultants in the UK area based in Nottingham.

Design Time is Dedicated, Quality Based

Design Time is a group of extremely dedicated and professional designers who can do it all from start to finish to complete your new room from top to bottom. They use only the highest quality products and services that fully meet their customer’s expectations and needs. And they do this at prices that are very competitive for the design industry marketplace.

Customers can get a free design consultation to discuss their design needs for the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. The Design Time team will never pressure you to sign a contract and understand our customers’ needs. You will be given as much time as needed to get it the way you want it an then get a detailed quote before you make up your mind, which stays good and doesn’t expire in a short period of time like some designers do.

Plus all services have a 10 year guarantee that is fully backed by insurance so you don’t have to worry. It is part of their membership in the Consumer Protection Association so they can provide their customers with even more confidence in their services. The Consumer Protection Association helps get rid of dishonest service providers in the home improvement area, as well as regulates the working standards of operation.

What Services Are Provided By Design Time?

Customers can count on the expert services of Design Time professionals to provide any or all of the following services:

•    Designing of the project (or Design and Supply alone if desired)
•    Installation of the materials
•    Contract Work
•    Kitchen Designs and Fitting
•    Bathroom Designs and Fitting
•    Bedroom Furniture Selections
•    Kitchen Cabinets Selections (financing available if needed)
•    Total project is managed during the installation services
•    Customers get a total 3D Design and Survey of their project
•    Joinery services
•    Gas Connection services
•    Tiling services
•    Flooring services
•    Consumer Survey

Everything is available for all of our customer’s needs and desires. Plus, the website store is user friendly and easy to navigate so you can browse around, see our products, read customer’s reviews and news about the industry. The bottom line is that if you want the best possible quality of design for your new bathroom, bedroom or kitchen, you can’t go wrong by going with the customer friendly and knowledgeable experts at Design Time.

For more information call them for a free consultation and quote at 01159 81 89 81 or online at their website store at