Modern and Clever Kitchen Storage Solutions by Design Time

Clever Kitchen Storage Solutions by Design Time

Is your Nottingham Home quite Small?

Are you experiencing an uphill fight with your kitchen storage? Design Time  offers a series of Clever Kitchen Storage Solutions in this article. And we can help you with even the smallest of kitchen design’s. Is your kitchen too small? When it comes time to remodel you want to get in a new and modern design.  One which gives you plenty of clever kitchen storage solutions and options. So, you can keep your kitchen looking neat. Now all the clutter is safe and out of the way.

This is not always very easy to achieve especially if you don’t involve a good kitchen designer in the early stages. You should look in magazines and on websites for clever kitchen storage solutions and ideas. Then consider the ones that would best serve your kitchen. Keep functionality and aesthetics in mid as you come up with new designs.

Here are a few small Clever Kitchen Storage Solutions to get you started!

Your kitchen Island can also be used for storage

Many current modern kitchen have an island. It is where you prepare all your meals and it may also serve as an dining or sitting area. Unfortunately many island designs waste space. While the top is functional the bottom isn’t. If you find a bespoke kitchen designer they can create a kitchen centerpiece that has lots of cabinets at the bottom. You assure extra storage where you can keep out of the way many items that would otherwise constitute clutter. Make sure that the cabinets in the island match the ones on the walls.

Clever Kitchen Storage Solutions - Kitchen island with some open shelving

Additionally we recommend you opt for open shelves rather than closed cabinets

If you are looking to give your kitchen a modern look you should have more open shelves than closed cabinets. This is an especially effective as an idea or solution for smaller kitchens. It makes them look much bigger. You can have closed cabinets in the corners but the rest should mainly be open shelves. It also allows for more easy meal preparation as reaching for items is easier. You don’t have to open and close any cabinet doors.

Make space for a Larder

You need a larder near your kitchen to store dry items. Most larders are smelly, tucked-away areas. You can, however, create or achieve a much better kitchen design result if you get your kitchen designer to fit a space in the wall that serves as a larder. Fit this space with different types and levels of shelving. Equally it allows you to hold different size containers in storage and the door can be slatted to allow for air to flow through easily. Don’t forget to add some appropriate lighting. Ensuring easier retrieval and storage of items.

Clever Kitchen Storage Solutions -larder in wall

Use your Walls

Most kitchens have lots of wall space that could be put to good use. Instead of letting your walls stand empty. You can have them fitted with stylish hooks and shelves to hold all sorts of items. Install some wooden pegs to hold your pots and pans, plates and more. Mount shelves where you can place kitchen electronics once you are done using them.

Clever Kitchen Storage Solutions - use your walls

Get your garbage Bin out of the way

Do you hate the way your garbage bin is always in the way? You can change that during your next kitchen remodel by having one of the cabinets near the sink converted into a space where you can push your garbage bin in and out. Make sure that you get the right kind of bin, one that will not let smells out, and empty it promptly to keep your kitchen smelling fresh.

Corners can help create additional storage space

If you still find yourself struggling for storage space you can use your corners. You can have pull-out shelves installed since they don’t take up any additional room. You can use corners to store clunky items such as pots and pans and electrical appliances.

Which Nottingham Kitchen Design Outlet can You Trust for Smart and Clever Kitchen Storage Solutions?

You should try Us Design Time. We are one of the oldest kitchen design companies in the area and we have lots of clever kitchen storage solutions and ideas to share with you.

You can call us in the daytime on 0115 981 89 81 for a consultation. We will come to your home to evaluate your space and then make recommendations.

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