Design Time Offers Bathroom Design Makeover Ideas to Suit All Budgets

Bathroom Design Makeover Ideas

Budget Advice for Bathroom Design Makeover Ideas by the Design Time Team

Your bathroom has been looking a bit ragged of late. You are thinking that it is time for a remodel. All the Bathroom Design Makeover Ideas you might have in mind don’t always suit your budget. Here at Design Time we would like to offer some ideas to help those with lesser budgets. After all, bathroom remodels, when done from scratch, can cost a lot of money. Typically, you can expect to spend around £6,000. However, this assumes you ripping everything out and replace it all with brand new items.

If this kind of budget worries you don’t despair. There are bathroom design makeover ideas that you can accomplish on a budget and still create the bathroom of your dreams.

The key word here is budget. You have to know right from the start how much you are willing to spend. Once you decide on an amount for each bathroom you should add a few hundred pounds as a contingency amount. Remodels often cost more than is estimated. If you don’t have the money to remodel all the bathrooms in your home at once you can do one at a time. Start with the one that you use the most and keep moving on until you get to the one that is used the least.

Bathroom Design Makeover Ideas

The right bathroom design makeover ideas will go a long way in helping you stick to your budget. Let’s face it, some of the remodel ideas that you want may be brilliant. Often they turn out to be outside the scope of your budget. They may cost more than you are willing to spend.

The good news is that with a little bit of creativity you can still come up with bathroom design makeover idea and layout that fall within budget.

Our Top Bathroom Design Makeover Ideas and Tips

Keep these bathroom design and makeover ideas in mind while trying to stay on budget with your next bespoke bathroom design project:

  • Light is critical in any bathroom. When you create your next bathroom design you should make the most of all available natural light. Refrain from using ideas which include fixtures that block any windows. Instead of using curtains you should consider nets. They are cheap and they come in many beautiful designs and colours and will allow for more natural light.
  • Every bathroom remodel, regardless of the budget, must include ample storage. With a few ‘smart’ and ‘modern’ storage design ideas you can add storage space into even the smallest of bathroom layouts or minimalistic design ideas. You can see great ways to make use of space without spending a great deal of money on websites such as Pinterest. At Design Time we offer access to senior interior designers during the entire run or process of all our bathroom design projects. All our designers are experts at bathroom and kitchen remodels and they can help you redesign your bathroom in such a way that you will have ample storage space for your typical use case scenario and budget.Painter and decorator work table with house project, color swatches, painting roller, brush and tools, top view
  • Instead of buying lots of new fixtures you can decide on one central feature that costs quite a bit. This leave you free to spend an average amount on the rest. Most people choose the bath tub to be their central feature. There are myriad of bath tubs out there for all sorts of budgets. You can always get one to match your favorite kind of decor. Whatever you spend, make sure that you buy a bath tub that will last a while. Design Time offers modern and contemporary bathroom brands such as Villeroy & Boch, which stand the test of time. We always try to suit our clients budgets where ever possible without compromising on quality. This is further demonstrated by our warranties on all work completed and the stellar reviews we keep receiving from our clients in Nottingham.
  • We also would like to advise that you visit our showroom. We and our suppliers often have special promotional offers. Our main suppliers websites often do as well. This information could help you chose a design that stays within budget easier at the time you plan to remodel your bathroom. If you check online you might find that there are many bathroom suppliers which offer selections of items that are on sale. If you browse carefully you can find some really good deals that will help you save money on your next bathroom remodel. Don’t forget to look out for deals on paint as well.
  • Make sure that you know what you want before you get started. Often bathroom remodels end up costing more because of all the changes in requirements or materials that are made during the project. If you come up with a design and stick to it you will find that your remodel goes faster. Cost less money. More, it will take much less time to finish.

Lastly, as appealing as DIY may sound, it can often end up causing a lot of inconveniences , stress and extra costs. So, unless you are an expert bathroom designer and fitter, you shouldn’t attempt a bathroom remodel yourself. It would be much wiser to call us today. You are better off with experts like us at Design Time. We have done hundreds of bathroom remodels over the years and we can help you do yours within budget and time. You can contact us through our website here.