Breaking News: Top Kitchen Design Trends to Watch Out For in 2019

Kitchen design trends for 2019 by Design Time Nottingham - Matte glass doors and dividers

Your kitchen is due for a remodel. As you prepare for it. You are wondering what kitchen design trends will be hot in Nottingham during 2019. You want your new space to look and feel fashionable and functional. This year there were lots of new trends that tended to be minimalist .There were plenty of industrial designs. Kitchen cabinets lost their doors. There was a call for ever more space in the kitchen.

In 2019 the need for spacious kitchens is not set to decline.

There will be some important new trends that you should consider as you embark on your kitchen remodel.

Cabinet doors with original handles – Copper and Brass are here to stay

In the past a lot of attention was paid to cabinet doors but not much was said about the handles, Only the most immaculate kitchen designers took time to choose the most stylish and fitting cabinet door handles for their clients. In the coming year this is set to change. As people go for even better looking cabinets. Light colours are still going to be in vogue. This shouldn’t stop you from adding a splash of colour to your cabinets. It helps give your kitchen character.

Kitchen Design trends for 2019 - Brass

Whether you choose a light colour for your cabinets or something deeper you should be careful to choose handles that help show them off.

Better designed kitchen sinks – Sink In

The kitchen sink has always been that one place in the kitchen that we don’t give much thought to. We choose a sink we think is stylish and functional. And that is the end of that. Not any more, kitchen designers are now making the sink area much more functional. If you have a small kitchen, for instance, you can have a new design. That kitchen design will incorporate a working area on top of the sink. You pull it out, prepare meals and push it open to access the sink as needed.

Kitchen Design Trends - Sink in

Suspended or pendant lighting

Recessed lighting has been the way to go for the design conscious home owner for almost a decade now. This is changing. The hanging lights are back and they are looking more stylish than ever.

Choose bulb enclosures that help define and properly light up your kitchen.

Open shelving

Gone are the days when kitchen shelving was all locked away behind doors. With minimalist kitchen design it is now possible to create open shelving. Without making a kitchen look cluttered. The secret is to have lots of other space where you can stash away everything that would create clutter. So that your shelves are more or less decorative.

Have them made out of glass as it makes rooms feel bigger.

Go matte

Matte is definitely in for 2019. For anyone who wants to create a kitchen design that is elegant and stylish. There are plenty of dark matte designs that are simply beautiful and affordable. In fact, matte is one way to achieve elegance without spending lots of money. If you choose dark matte make sure that you have proper lighting. Else your kitchen will end up looking rather dark.

Indoor herb garden

Kitchen design trends for 2019 - Indoor herb garden

If you don’t already have this. Maybe you can started one. The cost is virtually nothing. It will help light up your kitchen. Provides plenty of herbs and therefore it might even help improve your health. Different herbs have different health benefits. You can have your herb garden set up around your kitchen counter, on a shelf, by the sink or next to the window. It all depends on the design of your kitchen.

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