Bathroom Design Tips for a Child and Family Friendly Bathroom

Bathroom design Tips - Cute little baby boy taking bath playing with foam and colourful rubber duck toys in a white sunny bathroom

Bath time is special for your children and family. You decided it is time to remodel your bathroom. You are actively trying to source help with your next bathroom design. At the same time you are looking out for child friendly bathroom design tips and advice which can help make your next bathroom design much more child and family friendly.

You want to ensure that you create a new bathroom space that your children will love to spend time in.

What about the Ergonomics of my next Child Friendly Bathroom Design?

Obviously, the anthropometrics and ergonomics are different for adults and children. In most cases no consideration is given to the children when designing a typical bathroom. You are planning to do a better job this time around.

Below is an illustration which shows the human body in action. This is why it is important to consider the ergonomics when designing a new bathroom, which is aiming for a more ergonomically suitable design for children of a younger age.

Bathroom Design Tips - Illustration of ergonomics in a living area

Unfortunately, not many bathroom designers give away any bathroom design tips or advice on how to achieve a bathroom design which will turn out to be child and family friendly.

Most bathrooms in Britain are therefore not child friendly.

What about Considerations for Disabled or Elderly Members of the Family and Guests?

The same considerations have to be made when the design has to incorporate facilities suitable for disabled individuals. Yet again the ergonomics are going to vary from case to case and should be looked at separately to ensure ‘all’ of the family will be able to enjoy the new bathroom in comfort and where possible unaided or assisted.

Bathroom Design Tips - nterior of bathroom for the disabled or elderly people.

Interior of bathroom for the disabled or elderly people. Handrail for disabled and elderly people in the bathroom

Where, or How can I find Bathroom Design Tips and Advice to Achieve my Goal?

You already visited many websites and read even more magazines. All this in the hope they might give you new ideas and information about how to remodel your bathroom. Sadly, most of the current information is meant for a more ‘grown-up’ type of bathroom design. But you cannot find much information circulating when it comes to how to design a child and family friendly bathroom.

You have some ideas of your own.

However, there are certain steps you can take which will help during this transition and will set you on the right path to achieve a more child and family friendly bathroom.

We have listed some of the more important aspects below.

As you put Ideas together consider doing the following:

  • Don’t be tempted to install smaller sized tubs, sinks and toilets. Mainly because you want your kids to be as comfortable as possible.
    Strategically we all know this is not right. After all children do not stay children. What you have to remember is that when it comes to kids nothing lasts forever. Before you even realise it. They will have grown up enough to use adult sized installations.
  • Are you worried about important steps like toilet training? You should not, as there are fixtures you can add to your bathtub, sink and toilets to make them child friendly.
    After your kids are done using them you simply remove the fixtures and store them out of the way making the new bathroom family friendly.
  • It is understandable that you want to give your bathroom some more colour. This will make the space more interesting for your children. We recommend you avoid gaudy, coloured fixtures and fittings. Keep things simple. Stick to solid colours for tiles, walls and sinks. You can then inject colour in your overall bathroom design and mood board simply by using more colourful i.e towels and shower curtains.

Bathroom Design Tips - Children friendly orange bathroom with lots of toys

  • Slippery surfaces should be of particular concern. They can lead to nasty falls and injuries. When most people think of slippery areas in the bathroom. The first areas which come to mind is the floor next to the tub or the shower.It is however the inside of both areas which should concern you more.  Your tub and shower become slippery every time they come in contact with water. Buy bath mats which include nice, colourful ones designed for use in bathtubs and showers.

Some more Bathroom Design Tips and Advice for You from Design Time:

  • When children are still very young. You can keep a few toys in the bathroom. You can use these toys to distract them and play with them while performing the more serious daily hygienic routines. These toys can later get in the way when they are all grown up. Your two or three year old likes to spend ages in the tub because toys make it more fun and or interesting for them.
    When remodelling your bathroom you should incorporate some extra storage space where you can keep all the children’s toys locked away. We highly recommend to set out a series of rules for the children. Inform your children playtime comes after the more serious hygienic routines. Set time limits for play and more serious activities.
  • Remodel your bathrooms leaving as much space as possible. Small bathrooms can be particularly challenging for kids because they tend to end up being very messy. You can, for example, install a bathtub that has feet instead of one that fits directly on to the floor.
  • Make better use of your walls. Instead of projecting storage outwards it should be inside the walls where ever possible.
  • Install all your shelves and storage areas at the right height. Young kids will go into the bathroom and try to bring down whatever they can reach when playing. More, as they grow older higher shelves ensure that will not don’t bump their heads as often.
  • When remodelling en-suite bathrooms in your kids’ rooms you ought to take their likes and dislikes into account. They are the only ones who use this bathroom. Remodelled them to fit all their desires ergonomically. You should, however, double check their wishes for practicality and comfort because kids don’t always know what’s best for them and bathroom remodels are expensive so you do not want to keep going around or having to change things later.

Still lost for ideas?

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