Bathroom Design in 2019 ~ Instant Bliss & Wellness

Modern Industrial Bathroom Design for 2019

The modern bathroom is quickly assuming the role of a stylish and soothing retreat that is right at home. More and more bathroom design for 2019 strive to create a place for wellness where you can relax. Many homeowners are happy to invest both the additional time and cash required to create a lavish bathroom design that allows them to refresh and rejuvenate after a long and hard days work.

Today, most top brands, look to expand on the idea of a bathroom design that is evolving from a site for cleanliness to a place where rituals surrounding health and wellness are the final goal. All the best bathroom designers have taken notice of this new trend. So did we your premier Nottingham bathroom designers.

With its pared-down design and monochrome colour schemes, the current fashion for utilitarian shows no signs of releasing its grip on the British bathrooms designs and manufacturing industry.

Inspiration drawn from factories and warehouses continues to replace fussy chintz with no-nonsense concrete and stone. This predicts a clear direction towards our more soft and indulgent side for 2019 and beyond.

Modern Industrial meets Luxury Spa

Utilitarian may still dominate overall, but the introduction of soft wood hues, as well as a renewed focus on natural greys and off-whites in floor and wall tiling, will help offset the hint of Scandi starkness.

An abundance of wicker baskets to hold your toiletries and towels will help create a sense of calm well-being you normally only find in commercial luxury spas.

Am example of an outdoor bathroom design for 2019.

The timeless appeal of black and white stays strong. For those in search of alternative notes, add soft baby blues or creams via fittings or wall coverings to add extra interests. Shades of terracotta remain very popular for worktops and tiling. They contrast perfectly with any monochrome template.

We believe that repurposed stone helps soothe and relax our senses. If you can afford it, we recommend sumptuous marble finishes.

Basin units constructed from rustic wood materials are proving popular, too, particularly when twinned with the bold, industrial brass-ware that has become the centrepiece of many bathroom designs in 2019.

Matt Black Bathroom Taps for 2019

Black for taps

Black taps and basins are considered a strictly high-end taste. This said, a growing number of buyers are now looking for alternatives to white sanitary ware.

Black taps (matt) in particular can create a dramatic statement for all. While only the bravest tend to opt to pair the look with a splash of  “millennial pink”. Soothing hues of pistachio green will provide a welcome relief, particularly for those amongst us whom dread the memory of 1970s avocado greens.

Monochrome traditionalists, shiny, crisp and even clinical is the name of the game today. The steady influx of pale gold fittings is unmistakable. It reflects “a new desire for warmth in a bathroom design where an abundance of chrome may leave you feeling very chilled.

This Design Time shower follows cues from the 1980s and uses out-sized rectangular tiles into your bathroom scheme.

Acceptable 1980s revival

The ongoing 1980s revival has already spread to our bathroom design philosophy. Most experimental consumer are looking for simple geometric patterns. These patterns are almost childlike in therms of their shapes. Whether it’s intricate grid work or out sized square tiles, all these fashionable looks are reminiscent of a child’s marker-pen.

Looking for some extra colour in the bathroom? A houseplant immediately does the trick.

Bring the outside into your bathroom

Donkey’s tail plant

Plants are due for a revival all over the home. While previous generations were fond of aspidistra in their parlours, the atmosphere of a modern bathroom design favours the grace and splendour of some of these plants:

  • spider plant
  • peace lily
  • Aloe Vera
  • bamboo

With the worlds of interior and garden design cooperating more closely, the power of nature to soothe our souls and bodies makes indoor greenery a natural fit for your bathroom sanctuary.

Bathrooms designed with wellness in mind by Design Time from Nottingham

Design Time’s Bathroom Division based in Nottingham can help you restore the natural balance of your overworked senses by helping you create a new balanced harmony in your next bathroom design. Need more help deciding how to tackle your next bathroom remodel, we can help. Just ring us on 0115 981 89 81 for a FREE consultation followed by a FREE quote.