Are You looking to Spice Up Your Kitchen? Take the “Whisk” and Mix Things Up with Design Time.

New Kicchen Design Trends in 2019

Remodeling a kitchen is always a big ask and task, but it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming job. Getting the kitchen of your dreams involves coming up with a budget and creating a plan with a kitchen designer or contractor. In this news article we will look at some of the new kitchen design trends which are trending. To survive your remodel, you’ll also need to figure out where you’ll be cooking during the implementation period of your plan of actions by the contractor of your choice. Currently, things are heating up in the world of kitchen design trends so here are our top 5 hottest kitchen design trends predictions to keep in mind:

  • Kitchen islands can create a social, spacious and stylish environment that is both friendly and open, yet classy and elegant.
  • A contemporary black colour scheme offers a sleek and chic aesthetic for your kitchen, conveying a mature statement of gravitas and modernity.
  • Clever storage solutions can maximise the efficiency of space through the use of discrete storage that accommodates rather than dominates the your kitchen.
  • Marble or quartz worksurfaces give your kitchen an air of sophisticated decadence and grandeur.
  • Smart kitchens serve to suit your modern and technological lifestyle by giving you complete control over your appliances with just the click of a button, linking your phone or tablet to your appliances.

New Kicchen Design Trends in 2019 - Dreaming of taking action?

Are You Inspired to Take Action by the New Kitchen Design Trends?

You maybe wondering what’s hot in the world of kitchen design in 2019? From raw surfaces, curved edges and fluted glass to exposed kitchen storage, smart extractors and patterned flooring, 2018 had no shortage of super cool kitchen design trends – and they are continuing apace and evolving in 2019.

With cool new kitchen brands popping up and lots of innovative kitchen design trends and ideas on display in kitchen showrooms across the county, there are plenty of on-trend looks and state-of-the-art appliances to choose from. So we can only recommend you visit our showroom ASAP and have a chat with one of our advisors.

Are You looking to Mix Things Up in Your Kitchen?

Looking for easy kitchen updates? It’s easy to tire of a decorating scheme, particularly in a room where you spend the vast majority of your time. And as we’re increasingly using the kitchen not only as a space to cook, but also to eat, entertain, gather as a family and relax, it’s natural to dream of mixing things up from time to time. We fully understand that at Design Time and can help you achieve the kitchen design of your dreams.

Don’t be afraid to take the “whisk”, spice up your kitchen easily and affordably with Design Time.

Here is why so many choose Design Time as their local Kitchen Design contractor

New Kicchen Design Trends in 2019 - Why choose Design Time

We, Design Time are a Nottingham based design consultancy, that employs a skilled team of top specialists in kitchen design. We provide a complete and highly professional service from design to installation, all for an affordable price. We organise the full project, including design, building work, plumbing and decorating, so you can sit back, relax while we create and install the kitchen of your dreams.

Design Time believe that the kitchen is the heart of any home, and strive to provide you with a kitchen that reflects your needs, desires, taste and budget. Don’t settle for anything less than ‘top quali-tea’.

Your kitchen should be fun yet functional, therefore here are some crucial elements to contemplate when designing, remodeling or buying a new kitchen:

  • Firstly, consider the cabinets – storage is integral in any kitchen, so make sure your cupboards suit your storage needs. At Design Time, storage is designed and built with your requirements at the very forefront of our work, ensuring that you get the kitchen that fits and serves you.
  • Secondly, make sure your appliances give you ‘happy days’ so if you aren’t ‘lovin’ your oven or are craving a cooler fridge freezer, upgrade and invest in appliances that will be stress free, easy to use and effective. Design Time provide and install brand new appliances to ensure you have the best modern equipment making your work in the kitchen easier and more efficient.
  • Finally, you deserve worktops that work for you. With Design Time you can get more fashionable work tops, from chic contemporary style to traditional designs we aim to create a space that matches your personality as well as your needs. The worktops are crucial in tying the space together through coordination, creating an environment that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

We always make sure your kitchen reflects you, your lifestyle and your family. Don’t waste any more time! The kitchen of your dreams awaits all you now need to do is get in touch with us.

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