20 Top Kitchen Design Ideas for Your Kitchen’s Next Makeover

Kitchen Design Ideas

Do you need help planning your kitchen’s next make over or face lift?

You have been saving up for a 2019 kitchen makeover and now that the time is here you are wondering just what your new kitchen should look like. Are you struggling for kitchen design ideas. Maybe, you are lost after having done your research and need help choosing the best ideas which are in vogue today. Re-modelling a kitchen is no easy task. You don’t want to take the easy way out and go with a coat of paint and a few new cabinets – you want to take your time and make sure that you have a kitchen that is functional, ergonomic and beautiful and the center of your home’s social activities.

Looking in kitchen magazines and visiting kitchen design websites or showrooms is a great way to get ideas for your new kitchen. However, you will find so many suggestions that it may leave you confused. This news article by Design Time Ltd is there to help you out – we have compiled a Top 20 of Kitchen Design Ideas for you to follow in 2019. You can pick and choose as you please. Don’t feel pressured to pick any idea simply because it is in vogue – your kitchen is your own personal space so your re-model should fit your taste and your needs. If you have any ideas that aren’t covered here, talk to your kitchen face lift company about it – if they are good they should be able to give you exactly what you want.

20 Top Kitchen Design Ideas for 2019 by Design Time Ltd

1. Outdoor cooking area

Many people have space right outside their kitchens that they don’t use. This space can be converted into a small outdoor cooking area and you can also have a small place to entertain installed. It will be a great place to prepare meals when the weather is good, and your guests will love your new way of entertaining. You will also be able to keep your kitchen clean and all cooking smells outside your house when using the outdoor cooking area.

2. Custom larder and storage areas

One of the biggest selling points for any home is how much storage space is available in the kitchen. Many people will go with tried and tested designs but for 2019 bespoke larders and storage spaces are in vogue. Take some time to design your own storage just how you want it for maximum convenience and stowing. Many smart and technological solutions are available today.

Kitchen Design Ideas - Kitchen Island

Does you kitchen need a kitchen island.

3. Have a beautiful kitchen island

A kitchen island is a must for any kitchen re-model. It is a place for you to prepare meals and once the meals are ready you can eat on it. An island has many other uses – your kids can do homework on it as you cook, you can do your paperwork there and you can also entertain guests there. Your kitchen island should be designed so as to have some storage – you can have cabinets and drawers installed. Choose an island that is made of a tough material so that it lasts a long time.

4. Built-in benches

Many people are waking up to the fact that most of their time in the home is spent in the kitchen, so kitchen re-models are including lounging areas. You can do the same with yours. You have at least one window in your kitchen, and next to that kitchen you can install a table and some built in benches.

5. Go black

Black was never a colour to be found in the kitchen. In the past kitchens came in soft colours and for those who were really bold they had different shades of orange, green or even red. However, today black kitchens are in vogue.

Kitchen Design Ideas - reeded glass

6. Opaque or reeded glass cabinets

Who said your kitchen cabinets have to be made of wood or even see-through glass? You can make your kitchen look a lot more tasteful if you use reeded glass and because it is rather tougher than ordinary glass it will last longer.

Kitchen Design Ideas - Multi-functional sink

Do you own a multi-functional sink?

7. Have a multi-functional sink

Your sink doesn’t have to be limited to just washing dishes. By altering sink design you can have a sink that can be used for many different purposes and it will create a great feel to the overall finish of the room.

8. Have lots of natural light

A kitchen that has plenty of natural light is much easier to cook and lounge in than one which has dark corners. As you design your re-model you should consider adding to the size of the windows or even a skylight.

9. New-design taps

There are lots of new tap designs available in the market, so make sure to choose one that will go with your new multi-functional sink.

Kitchen Design Ideas - Potted plants

Indoor herb garden anyone?

10. Potted plants

Plants are good for the environment but they don’t have to be restricted to your garden. You should invest in some beautiful pots for your kitchen where you can plant a few herbs and even edible flowers.

11. Knock down walls

If your home isn’t very large you may want to consider knocking down the wall between your kitchen and your living room. It creates an open plan for your home and everything looks more spacious.

12. Conceal your appliances

Most of our appliances are usually left on kitchen counters an on the kitchen island but if you want to make your new kitchen look neat and tidy at all times you should consider having special storage installed for the appliances that you use every day such as your coffee maker, blender and kettle.

Kitchen Design Ideas - Go smart

Can or do you wont to control your dishwasher with a smartphone app.

13. Go smart

Smart homes are no longer nice to have – they are becoming a must have, so as you re-model your kitchen consider making it a smart one.

14. Kid & elderly or disabled friendly

If you have kids you want them to be able to make their way around the kitchen without your help. You should have some low cabinets (ergonomic) installed where you stash away things like cereal, cereal bowls, glasses and spoons for them. We also woulk like to mention the elderly or disabled which might require special consideration in your particular case.

15. Make your kitchen safe

As you re-model don’t forget that safety is a must. If you have large windows, as recommended, you should install a fence such that those on the outside cannot see you. Your kitchen doors should have secure locks.

16. Go rustic

Rustic is associated with cottages in the UK and you can make it come alive in your kitchen with this type of re-model. Look for kitchen designs that use rustic timber for cabinets and floors.

Kitchen Design Ideas - Easy to clean

Is your kitchen easy to clean?

17. Keep some of the old

If there are some features of your old kitchen that you really like there is no reason why you cannot keep them.

18. Proper lighting

Big windows are great when the sun is out but you need your kitchen to be well lit at night, so make sure you install ample lighting.

19. Easy to clean

In your effort to get the re-model of your dreams don’t forget that your kitchen should be easy to clean and keep clean.

20. Stay within budget

This is most important. All these are wonderful ideas but you should only pick the ones that are within your budget.


Maybe, you still need help? Maybe, you just need or wont to discuss your kitchen’s makeover with a specialist.

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