20 Bathroom Design Guidelines for You to Follow

Bathjroom Design Guidelines

For many homeowners in Nottinghamshire a bathroom makeover is all about new fixtures and fittings as well as a new layout. So long as they have bathroom design ideas they are satisfied that their new bathroom will give them what they are looking for – a stylish and relaxing place to clean up and relax. What they forget is that no matter how nice a bathroom looks if it isn’t practical it will be almost unusable.

As you look at bathroom designs for your upcoming remodel keep the following bathroom design guidelines in mind:

  1. Think about the layout carefully. Is there enough room, for example, outside the bath and shower for you to dry yourself without bumping into things? As you do the layout have you taken into account how much of the space will be consumed by plumbing and wiring?
  2. Make sure that you have storage in your bathroom. However small your bathroom is you can design it is such a way that you have a small cabinet to hold things like medications, razors and soap and a place where you can stash away towels and toiletries. Look online for bathroom design guidelines for small bathrooms.
  3. As you do the layout make sure to take into account the door clearance. If there isn’t enough room you can expect to knock down a loved one once in a while when you open the bathroom door.
  4. If your ceiling is low don’t worry too much about it. So long the tallest person in the home can stand upright comfortably and have a few inches left overhead you should be fine. The ideal height from floor to ceiling is about 80 inches.
  5. When you are doing the floor design you should try and leave enough floor space for two people to use the bathroom at the same time – you never know when you will have an emergency in the home.
  6. Make sure that there is enough room between the lavatory and the shower and also the bathroom sink. The lavatory is a source of germs and you want to keep it as far as possible from these ‘two areas. If you like you can have it in a small glass enclosure.
  7. As you do your bathroom makeover make sure that the room has enough light. If possible the light should be natural. However, where this is not possible there should be enough overhead and wall lighting.
  8. Your bathroom should have one or two worksurfaces whenever possible. These worksurfaces dictate the rest of the decor in the room and they should be chosen carefully. Their design can be whatever you like – it can be simple or intricate, but make sure that it sets a nice contrast to the floor and walls. The materials for the worksurface should be water resistant and long lasting. Bathroom design guidelines -a small modern bathroom designed by Design Time Ltd from Notthingham
  9. Choose bathroom fixtures carefully – if they look cheap they will make the rest of the room look cheap too.
  10. Do not be afraid to choose bold colours for your bathroom. There are a lot of contemporary designs that use bright blues, greens, reds and other shades. These can be especially suitable if you have children in the home.
  11. If you have preschoolers and toddlers make sure to take them into account as you consider bathroom design guidelines The bath and sinks should be made safe for them.
  12. Your new bathroom will not be complete without the right accessories. You should splash out on candles, bath mats, beads, wall hangings and whatever else you think will highlight your newly installed fixtures.
  13. Ventilation is very important so make sure the room has plenty of circulating air. You should also install the right kind of heating so that your bathroom is comfortable to use in winter.
  14. One of the best bathroom design principles is to keep things simple. Your bathroom is where you relax after a long day, and if you clutter or over-design it you will be working at cross purposes.
  15. Make sure that you think about safety. Your bathroom floors should be non-slip and you should also have non-slip mats in the shower and bath. Bathroom design guidelines -a small modern bathroom designed by Design Time Ltd from Notthingham
  16. It is always a good idea to have a shower in the bathroom. If you are struggling for space you can have a glass shower enclosure installed.
  17. If elderly people will be using your bathroom you should install handrails for them to hold on to when they lift themselves out or in the bath or step out or in of the shower.
  18. It is quite annoying to have a toilet paper holder installed in the wrong position – too high, too low or too far away. You should take careful measurements before you put it in.
  19. You should design your new bathroom in such a way that it is easy to clean. Install tiles that you need to wipe down and fixtures that don’t require scrubbing each time they get dirty. If you install a glass enclosure there will be no dealing with filthy shower curtains.
  20. Lastly, make sure that you have fun with your bathroom remodel!

Design Time understands this can all sound quite overwhelming for the average family out there. Considering how many design guideline we listed above.

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