10 Top Kitchen Design Guidelines to Inspire You

Kitchen Design Guidelines

Kitchen Design Guidelines – Plan before you do anything.

For the average person, the kitchen is where most time in the home is spent. It is usually the first room they will enter when they get home, it is where they prepare and have their meals, it is where the kids do homework, where the bills are done and even most of the social entertaining. As you renovate your kitchen or home it is very important to make it not just aesthetically pleasing but also functional and ergonomic – many people will end up sacrificing function for form only to end up with a kitchen that is not very practical.

To help you, here are 10 Kitchen Design Guidelines that you can follow.

1. Make sure it’s not the main thoroughfare

Imagine that there is a route through the kitchen to other rooms in the home – how busy a space will it be? As you prepare meals the rest of your family will be milling around and this can make the area an accident zone. Also, you want to be able to prepare meals, do homework, pay bills and entertain in peace. If there is a second door in your kitchen it should lead to the backyard.

Kitchen Design Guidelines

Spacious kitchen design by Design Time from Nottingham

2. Space is what it’s all about

One of the most important kitchen design principles is space – your kitchen should be spacious enough for you to be able to prepare meals and eat and also entertain without it getting cramped. If you live in a large house this should not be a problem – make sure that you don’t renovate it in such a way that you block walk ways and cramp workspaces. However, if you live in a small home and you have a small kitchen you have to become creative. Fortunately there are plenty of design ideas for small kitchens online and you can also find them in home decor magazines.

3. Your work triangle is important

It is where you do all the prep work for your cooking and also where you work and entertain. It should be centrally placed in the kitchen and shouldn’t be too far away from other work surfaces. If several people in the home usually cook at the same time you should consider installing two work triangles so that they are able to work at the same time.

Kitchen Design Guidelines

Leave space around your sink and make sure it is deep enough.

4. Sink and dishwasher planning

Your sink and dishwasher should be flanked by enough room on each side for you to place items with ease. Ideally, there should be at least 24 inches on one side and 18 inches on the other. The sink should be deep enough to accommodate one set of dishes, pots and pans with ease.

Kitchen Design Guidelines - Seating

Seating provided at the island and table.

5. Seating

Seating is very important for any modern kitchen. In the past, people usually placed wooden chairs around the countertop and this was enough. Today, there are numerous ideas that you can adopt for comfortable and practical seating. Explore a little bit before you make up your mind.

Kitchne Design Guildelines

Smart kitchen design storage solutions.

6. Storage

One of the things that people look at today before they buy a home is how much storage space is available in the kitchen. It is not about having cabinets any more – buyers now want homes with kitchen that have stylish and practical storage as it helps keep countertops and other surfaces free of clutter. You should talk to your contracted kitchen designer about different storage ideas and also check online to see if there are any that work with the space you are working with. Don’t forget storage for the garbage bin – in many modern designs it is hidden away from plain view.

7. Safety

Above all else your new kitchen renovation should be safe for all who use it. All electrical work must be done to accepted standards and you should use a licensed electrician. All installations must also be safe – cabinets, for example should not be so low as to cause head injuries and nothing should stick out enough to stun toes or knees. Keep in mind the ergonomic or human factors dictated by elderly or even disabled members of your family and kids.

8. Go green

Many homeowners are finding ways to make their homes green so why not go for a few green ideas as you renovate the kitchen in your home? You can have the windows built in such a way that they can hold potted plants or you can have a small area set aside where you can plant a few herbs and even flowers.

9. Ste the oven in the right place

Your oven should be in the wall to one side and centrally located. It should be safe for all who use the kitchen. If you have small children who might wander around and touch it you should install safety gates until they are old enough to know better.

Kitchen Design Guidelines - Ergonomics

Ergonomics are important to all kids, disabled and elderly people using your kitchen.

10. Also think about the kids and the elderly – Ergonomics

If your kids are old enough to use the kitchen you should have them in mind as you come up with kitchen design guidelines. You should make it easy for them to reach for the things that they need. The same applies when considering any requirements if you family counts elderly or disabled members.

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