10 Steps on the road to: ‘Buying the Perfect New Kitchen’ in Nottingham

How to buy a new kitchen? 10 Step on the road to success by Design Time in from Nottingham

How to buy a new kitchen? 10 Step on the road to success by Design Time from Nott’s

At, Design Time in Nottingham we wanted to kick off the new summer season with a news article which will detail the ten best steps you can take today before deciding to buy a new kitchen. We all saw many glossy pictures of beautifully designed kitchen’s over the past winter months. You visited numerous websites over the past months. But they only left you playing with ideas for your next kitchen design. So, we decided to write an article to help you. We decided to provide you with a roadmap to follow when making the decision to buy a new kitchen today.

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How to buy a new kitchen? 10 Step on the road to success by Design Time in from Nottingham

10 Steps you should take before buying a new kitchen in Nottingham

Step1 : Visit showrooms

When you’re looking for a new kitchen be sure to visit several showrooms. Discuss your personal requirements, aspirations and ideas with kitchen design experts whom you trust and who genuinely care about you.

Never, ever purchase your new kitchen on the same day, no matter how attractive the ‘special offer’ sounds.
Go home, get a good night’s sleep and have a think about it.

Step 2: Obtain several proposals

Obtain at least two new kitchen designs proposals or quotes and make sure they are at different budget levels. This will help clarify what is best for you. More, it will give you a direction for a budget. This new kitchen design project might set you back less when you know upfront what to expect.

How to buy a new kitchen? 10 Step on the road to success by Design Time in from Nottingham

Step 3: Check how long they have been in business for

Next you will need to find out how long the company has been established you are willing to trust with your next kitchen design project. Some companies offer ’ up to 20 Year guarantees’ but have only been trading five years or less! Obviously, you would wont to evade this type of partners.

Only kitchen designers which have been trading 10 years or more, survived by not over or under pricing.  You know you will get a very competitive offer and level of after sale service.

Step 4: Check who does all the work & who to pay?

Check if the company have their own fitters or uses sub-contractors.

Who is it you actually pay for all the work and after sales service?

Sometimes it happens when you need after sales service for your new kitchen under the guarantee period the fitters point the finger at the contractor and vice-versa. Having a broken oven, badly fitted sink or leaking washing machine can really disrupt your family life

Step 5: Get references

Always ask for references and ask to see an actual finished kitchen installation.

Step 6 : Plan and test your new kitchen design

Think long and hard about your new kitchen’s design. Make sure you get a 3D visual of your new kitchen design.

How to buy a new kitchen? 10 Step on the road to success by Design Time in from Nottingham

Step 7: Choose quality over Looks

When choosing the kitchen cabinets, the worktop, sink and taps and appliances always opt for quality over looks.. Inspect the quality of the carcasses, especially their density and thickness. In addition, the types of drawers and drawer runners, the type of hinge, the type of backs of cabinets etc. Plan as much as possible in advance. This helps you stay on budget later.

Step 8: Prepare to accept standard sizes

If standard kitchen cabinets can’t be used you are faced with paying a premium for bespoke sized units. Try to evade these at all costs.

Step 9: Agree and set time and dates for completion and project phase sign offs

Make sure you obtain realistic time-scale for your project.

Step 10: Allow for floor and wall coverings in your budget

Your new kitchen design is going to need floor and wall coverings, curtains (or blinds), lighting and, of course, some painting, tiling and possibly even some extra decorating to get all finished off.

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free bonus

Yes, we have thrown in a free bonus guide this month. Don’t forget to read our free guide on how to best choose and plan your kitchen cabinets.
Spread the word tell your friends and family where you found these helpful tips and advice.

Here is our Nine Step guide to saving money when buying kitchen cabinets

Step 1: Compare door styles

Select two or three options then compare the cost. Door styles can make a dramatic difference in the price of your cabinets. Evade raised panels and insets they cost more.
Shaker-style doors often cost less and are a good alternative styling option. Slab door fronts are normally also less expensive and another alternative styling option which wont break the bank.

Step 2: Replace wall cabinets with open shelving

Shelves will do wonders for your bank account. Yes, you’re going to have to sacrifice some storage space when using shelves. And, yes, they’re going to need more maintenance.
Standard wall cabinets can inflate your budget by several thousand of Pounds. The price difference is nothing short of dramatic.

Step 3:  Choose an affordable wood species

Choosing the right and sustainable wood species can shave yet again several hundreds of Pounds off your total cost.

Step 4:  Consider Thermofoil or Laminate

Thermofoil and laminate are both excellent and budget-friendly options. Thermofoil is a type of plastic finish applied to a medium-density fibreboard or other type of engineered wood core.

Some of it’s advantages include durability and easy to clean. While costing significantly less than wood.

Laminate is similar and much less expensive than wood. It generally holds up well over time, but it isn’t as strong as wood.

Step 5: Consider getting  less  soft-close drawers or full-extension sliders

Sacrificing common upgrades like soft-close drawers and full-extension sliders can save you several hundred pounds Remember most of these things are just perks — they aren’t really required to get a functional or good-looking kitchen design.

If you’re concerned about wear and tear, try door pulls instead. They are an affordable option that can help preserve the integrity of your door and drawer fronts.

Step 6: Try to say ‘no’ to pullouts

Decide whether the added convenience is worth the expense to you.

Any type of pullout, such as a trash bin, or sliding shelves and or miracle corner, will drive up any kitchen design budget and final bill.

Step 7: Customise ‘less’

You may be tired of hearing it, but it’s true.

The fewer details you choose, the less you’ll pay.

Step 8: Don’t add a glaze to your paint or stain

A glaze adds a significant cost to all kitchen cabinets try to evade the option in your projects.

Step 9: Opt for more doors, fewer drawers

Include fewer drawers in your design. Drawer bases cost more than standard base cabinets, hands down. You can save up to several hundred Pounds per cabinet piece.